8 String Blackened Deathcore

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One more Blackened Deathcore song on 8 string guitar from my album "WILD"

Schecter Hellraiser C8 (Drop E)
Mercuriall U530
OwnHammer Impulses
Corona by Humble-Bee cables

#Metal_Guitar #8_string_guitar

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A vocal track would ruin this masterpiece

Author — F B I


Now this makes me want a i string even more 😐 just esp don't make any lefty ones. PS this is like if you mix Gojira, Korn, and Carnifex to my ears at least.

Author — Akuma Kami


Very well done dude. I was listening to Shrine of Malice today, and this definitely gives me the same vibe, you nailed the atmosphere.
Btw, what drum program do you use?
Cheers from Canada 🤘🏻

Author — Jared T


Ля, шедевр. Вот бы сюда вокал...(я бы мог трайнуть) :D

Author — Xasthur


you should do a melodic deathcore song! in the vein of old salt the wound and rose funeral. bereft of life by until we die is a good example of modern versions of this. i think you’d slay it

Author — Jake Lewis


Очень годно! Думаю, если добавить классический дэт гроул и блэк скрим, то получится как раз блэкнед дэт метал, а не дэткор. В целом огонь 🔥

Author — TheNidzhat88


Insane intense vibe and powerfull song !!

Author — Denis Herry


This is what I needed today, thank you. What scale did you use for this song? Or deathcore usually doesn't have strict rules?

Author — //didz


This is badass, love it! Subscribed right away

Author — Twiggy Nameless


Your tone is absolutely insane, man! I recently bought a hellraiser c-8 as well and I'm loving it. I also bought the mercurial U530. I'm starting now with the digital amp stuff, and I have a noob question. What are the Impulses for? Do you use them with the U530? And Which ones do you like to use the most? Thanks a lot, man. You are a huge inspiration.

Author — Sombernaut


Great sound 👍blow my headphones. Super track. Cheers 🥃

Author — Krzysztof Zakrzewski


give me more!! The riffs!! Its killing me!!! 🔥🗡️🗡️🗡️

Author — Causar Aldillah


I don’t even like black metal and this is dope. Quick question tho, what amp sim are you using? If any.

Author — mashpotatosauce


If a chick played this it would have 3 million views plus endorsements! Shame good music is rarely heard but no talent trash is plastered everywhere!

Author — PatientMental


What's the tuning? Looks simple enough to work with. I just got a 8 string omen and still playing around with it. Love it. I think ur running it f# standard?

Author — kyle weir


I pay for lessons to create those guitar tones !!

Author — Paronos


Охуенно, как всегда! А вокал не думал на все это дело накинуть?

Author — Dark-Sphynx


fantastic as always...can you upload please a video how you write the drums? its a pain in the ass

Author — George Zorbas


Очень вкусно. Залип до самого конца. Вот это прям то, что надо. Про вокал согласен с другими комментаторами. С ним перейдет в статус песни и скакнет на порядок. На мой вкус неразборчивый гроул будет норм )
И традиционный вопрос: через чего звук нарулен? ;)

Author — RoyMarok


Getting some old school All Shall Perish vibes off this. Nice.

Author — Ohsnap Itsakraken