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Hi everyone,
I LOVE eyeliner! I love how it makes my eyes look! I love how it makes me feel! But it’s hard! It takes a little bit of practice to get the shape right and most importantly: you need patience. No one was born knowing how to do it. This video is about showing you some common mistakes about eyeliner and how you can correct them.
What other do’s and donut’s you’d want me to create? Are these video helpful
Please let me know in the comments, I never intend to offend anyone with these mistakes videos. I genuinely think a lot of people learn when you point out the mistakes as well as how to correct them.
Thank you so much for watching !

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💬 Comments

I dont think anyone has ever taught me anything so gently, patiently and so accurately. Bless your heart! 🙌🏽

Author — Eleleta Seyoum


It feels like she's an older sister who's trying so hard not to hurt my feeling about the way I do my eyeliner 🤣🤣

Author — Hermione Malfoy


"It's just Make Up, not brain surgery." That totally made me hit the like button. I love how this is just down to earth.

Author — Mashiro Shiina


Your language is so respectful and kind. You don't pass any judgement, you just seem to be helping all people to do their make up well! Thank you <3 Such helpful tips!

Author — Davidona Mary


I loved that the “bad” side was realistic and not exaggerated just to prove that the other eye is the good one. Thank you for taking the time to teach your art to other ☺️ is it possible to do a small wing, like a discrete eyeliner but that elongates the eye? I often do the last mistake and stop at the crease because I want to try eyeliner but not be evident about it

Author — afemf1


''Don't use waterproof eyeliners''
Me, a beginner who just bought a waterproof eyeliner: 👁️👄👁️

Author — Klára Pohanková


I’ve been wondering how to fix my eyeliner and THIS IS IT. I’ve always been more concerned about making it to look like a smooth line with my eye closed (as it does with the incorrect side), but the correct side is what actually looks good when facing someone and it’s like an instant face lift!! thank you so much for sharing your wisdom

Author — Julia W


when you realise the wrong side is what you been going out with all these years :(

Author — Miss Vixen


Ive been doing "the comma" for years and I've always wondered how to make my eyeliner look better. You really helped me a lot and my eyes look so much better now! Thank you for being such a good teacher!

Author — Alaina Bleakley


You just proved me that I’m being doing it wrong all my life 😭 I knew it because it didn’t look good so I stopped wearing make up many years ago. But I want to learn and will try this technique, it makes a big difference. Thank you for this video, is WONDERFUL! Much love 💗

Author — StarSeed


I love how you always leave space for us to choose if we want to follow your advice or not. You don’t say this is the only right way, you have to do this, instead you say you could do this to improve... I really like that about you

Author — Yoxi_m


When I was first trying to figure out how to do winged liner back in the day, so many beauty gurus would keep their eyes closed and pull on the lid. I don't see how that can end up looking good, even with tight eyelids (which I do not have). I eventually learned that you need to apply liner with your eyes open and the skin where it naturally is, rather than pulled up. It's always going to be more challenging with my slightly hooded lids, but I continued to practice and eventually got decent at it. I just leave my excess eye skin where it naturally is when my eyebrows are relaxed, and draw the eyeliner over my crease, as if it's not there. Sure, I'm left with a small batwing shape when my eyes are closed, but it looks so much more lifted and flattering when the eyes are open.

Author — the proust effect


You are so nice, who were telling us what's wrong while trying not to hurt our feelings because we do it wrong. Love it.

Author — Cat the Greater


I have watched plenty of eyeliner videos, but this is the first time I understand the difference between what I have been doing so far, and how it is supposed to be done.
So easily explained and So useful!

Author — Sara Rogestav


I so appreciate your detailed instruction and explanations and, as others have noted, your gentle encouragement for us non-makeup artist types!

Author — Rebecca Edelberg


What I learned to do over the years is first draw the line with a pencil that's easy to erase in case I make a mistake, like she taught us here, and when I am satisfied with the line, I then go over it with a liquid eyeliner to make it pop more and look smoother. I find it easier and less scary to use a liquid eyeliner when there is already a line there for you to follow. All you have to do is trace it.

Author — Miss Y


She is like that big sister we all needed to teach us this stuff. It’s so nice listening to her, even her tough love is kind. 😅

Author — Anita Wiafe-Asinor


This is so great! I’ve been doing my makeup wrong. Now I can do it right. Thank you so much!! 💕

Author — Lourli Patricio


THANK YOU!! For the first time in my life I can finally make one! Not that perfect but I'm proud of myself 😭 I've watched many tutorial videos but yours is so helpful and easy to follow!! 😭❤

Author — Bbbiiibbiibi


Every time I wear makeup I come up with a new eyeliner shape

Author — invisible N