U.S. launches missile strike against Syria

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U.S. launches missile strike against Syria 3.5
The U.S. fired cruise missiles at Syria Thursday night — the first direct U.S. assault on the al-Assad government and Donald Trump's most dramatic military order since becoming president

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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss .. Controlled by a jewish boss ..

Автор — Bobby Bass


Can't believe I'm saying this, congrats Trump.

Автор — Brandon Taylor


they need to clear out syria out for the gas an oil pipelines thats the real issue

Автор — chapo guzman


What CW chemical storage facilities on the base, where is your evidence for that statement. Where is the evidence from the investigation of the CW attack that justified an attack on a sovereign nation, the only so-called evidence presented was video from Al-Nusra "White Helmet" propagandists who continually create false flag reports.. Where is the evidence that the bombs contained chemical agents and that the agents were not stored in the ammo dump/factory hit in the air attack? It has been clearly documented that the terrorists in Syria and Iraq have chemical agents but yet no proof is given that Syria still possesses any.

By the way, why has MSM failed to mention the 5-600 civilians, including "Beautiful Babies, killed by US air strikes in March.

Автор — Emeritus 37


trump is a war criminal. It must be judged

Автор — alex iv


There was one good side to Trump winning over Hillary. Not anymore...

Автор — Chase


Remote strike mounted on military infrastructure. No civilians harmed if not anyone. That how America does it. Also make sure Russia gets pissed off at us for doing it.

Автор — Jack Miller


So it's not terrorism when the US bombs another nation? Kind of a double standard going on. Now when people retaliate to the terror attacks, blame the US

Автор — Xstatic 99


People are more pissed about this then the 7000+ other strikes this year lol. This was for hitting a military Target, no civilian casualties.

Автор — Abe E


good goin trump, now they're gonna fight back

Автор — xo jeffrey


there's no evidence Assad did that chemical attack. what a load of lies. probably cia funded rebels



There is not one muzzie on the planet worth killing or dying for. What is Trump thinking?

Автор — Del Evans


It's impossible for first responders to be handling victims of sarin gas attack like this without full protection or themselves becoming victims...just touching sarin residue with bare skin will create severe reactions...

Автор — BeeFriendlyApiary


The new way of bring America great again is setting wars to another country. What a brilliant idea! China should set a war on US, therefore China will be great!

Автор — Watcher Watcher


Honestly, why would we go into something that has completely nothing to do with the USA... Explaination

Автор — vPullin YT


Sila jačeg ?! Sram vas bilo .
Truli zapad.

Автор — Vladica Ristic


Why not directly attack Assad, and destroy the chemical installations.

Автор — duruy dukuy


Аir Force ISIS
70% of the were shot down by the Syrian air defense system (S-125, C-200)

Автор — Павел Павлович


How many missiles were shot down by the sophisticated Russian missile defense? It's amazing how good it works.

Автор — Louie Niglio


Dave Rogers "We won't Get Fooled Again" Quote by nation state, Israel .

Автор — flynnphoto