GDP Growth Drops To 5% From 5.8%: Is India Staring At Long Spell Of Slowdown? | News Today

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GDP Growth Drops To 5% From 5.8%: Is India Staring At Long Spell Of Slowdown? | News Today 4.5
The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth for the first quarter of the financial year 2019-20 dropped to five per cent, a sharp decline of 0.8 per cent points compared to the last quarter that ended in March. The current GDP numbers are the worst in the last six years.
So, as the economy registers its lowest growth in six years, we raise these questions: Is India staring at long spell of slowdown? Will big bang bank mergers revive economy? Modi govt unable to find fix for the slowdown? Watch as the panelists share their views.
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Let's divert now, let's do mob lynching, change cities name, blame Pakistan for our infirmity.

Author — Alex Steadler


now i can proudly say ""wah modi ji""

Author — Mr Bhat


I don’t understand why people in north India blame modi and bjp you are the reason for bringing bjp modi in power second time with higher majority....why you guys didn’t understand about bjp in first five years tenure..even after demonization and gst failure, data manipulation or giving false metrics and false
I am from Tamil Nadu..

Author — Geri Teslik


Now, BJP will divert the attention towards Pakistan & fool people. All headless chicken ruling us.

Author — Felix Issac


*5 Trillion economy goal is just a big bluff and nothing more!*

Author — Fizza Zaidi


even our neighbour countries like Bangladesh getting 8% GDP

Author — Lucky GUY


this is a difference between chai Wala and book Wala.

Author — Mayank Tiwari


Keep talking about Pakistan Pakistan.. and keep ignoring economy and developments. Merging banks is only a band aid measure to a big underlying cancer. FM Nirmala has no experience on economy. RBI governor is history graduate. Raghuram Ranjan the US experienced economist was sacked by BJP. Keep talking about Pakistan...Pakistan anyway is a fail state. Do we also have to fail?
I don't belong to any political party so please dont attack me. I am talking as an Indian for benefit of India. We need investments, job creation en masse. Bhakts will keep idolising Modi but are completely ignorant and blind about the facts. GST has hit India to the core beleive it or not.

Author — Carcinogenesis


Modi failed in every front economy socially politically



The lady do not have any idea what it means, she just seems to mugged up some written words given by some one.

Author — Traveller Life


Whenever I see Nirmala sitaraman as a finance minister I feel my vote has been wasted☹️

Author — Akshay More


35:47 bjp is looking to fix the system by next 20-25 years... thats sooo nice...,
Can I get a

Author — Shahanaj S


This is what happen when the country have an Accidental Finance Minister

Author — Frankie Donne Marbaniang


Sita Raman has never studied economics, she is graduated in history & worked at Mc Donald in London when she was student.

Author — Rk Roy


i thought bjp spoke person will blame nehru for this economic crisis

Author — ghost


Modi & Co. destroyed country's economy and peace.

Author — Jyothi Kumar


The quickest solution to revive economy is rub modi's and Pragya's hand from top to bottom on cow's tail.

Author — CtrlAtlDel


Rajdeep haters silent today. They cant abuse him hehehe.

Author — Haris tcr


BJP still don't have a clue of economic slowdown

Author — Thangboi Haokip


Only true leaders can face reality. The cowards live in denial. Too many kids in the govt. They don't seem to understand the problem in the economy.

Author — Just Thinking