Mario Party Star Rush - Coinathlon (10 Wins in a row)

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►Game Informations :

Mario Party: Star Rush is a party video game developed by Nd Cube and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS.
It deviates from the normal Mario Party series in its removal of turn-based gameplay in favor of the ability to move at will,
simultaneous with other players, and without set paths on the game board.
The game is scheduled for release in Europe, Australia, and Japan in October 2016, and in North America in November 2016.

▪Developer : Nd Cube
▪Publisher : Nintendo
▪Series : Mario Party
▪Platform : Nintendo 3DS
▪Release dates :
▫EU: October 7, 2016
▫AUS: October 8, 2016
▫JP: October 20, 2016
▫NA: November 4, 2016
▪Genre : Party
▪Modes : Single-player, multiplayer

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I like how toad didn't make a single appearance in any battle

Author — MDNOcto


INteresting idea for the coin games. I like it :)

Author — christopherbrown1988


This game looks awesome I am getting iy

Author — Christheawesome05 Santana


I finally unlocked all of the minigames

Author — Affan Jamsari


i am jealous.... too bad i don't have a 3ds 😢

Author — Lorenzo Pinon


please be peach in Mario Party star rush😊

Author — Dawson Wheaton


I want to go out and buy a 3ds or a 2ds just for this game

Author — McAwesomeKid 1324


I am definitely getting this for my 3ds system

Author — Zack maddox



Is it me, or does this look weird?

Author — Vadim Achille


some people is all like this game sucks but i think all mario party games dont suck

Author — catsr1 princess


You: Mario
Rivals: Rosalina, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Yoshi, Wario, Toadette, Daisy, Luigi, Peach
1. VS Rosalina! Result: You Win!
2. VS Waluigi And Donkey Kong! Result: You Win!
3. VS Rosalina(Ver.2)! Bowser Stage: Rosalina -10 Spaces! Result: You Win!
4. VS Diddy Kong And Yoshi! Bowser Stage: Diddy Kong -10 Spaces! You -5 Spaces! Result: You Win!
5. VS Waluigi(Ver.2), Wario And Toadette! Result: You Win!
6. VS Daisy And Yoshi(Ver.2)! Result: You Win!
7. VS Luigi! Result: You Win!
8. VS Rosalina(Ver.2), Wario(Ver.2) And Peach! Bowser Stage: You -15 Spaces! Rosalina -10 Spaces! Result: You Win!
9. VS Toadette(Ver.2) And Yoshi(Ver.3)! Result: You Win!
Final. VS Luigi(Ver.2) Waluigi(Ver.3) And Diddy Kong(Ver.2) Bowser Stage: Luigi -15 Spaces! Result: You Win!

Author — 環いろはお兄さん