I want the God Tier Upgrade | #8

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Ultimate Ironman Mode is a game mode where you cannot use the banks of RuneScape.
This is actual Old School Runescape! A Re-boot of a 2007 save file of the game, released in February of 2013. We all started fresh, and the game has been getting weekly updates with a dedicated dev team ever since.

swampletics osrs settled morytania uim

0:00 Setting the Scene
1:37 Manscaped
2:34 Chasing a God Tier Upgrade

Thumbnail work done by 8sat

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HEYYY I've been workin on the Swampletics Finale and I think I'll be making an update video on how the finale is shaping up as well as talking about some of the new announcements on the Summer Summit for OSRS. (Group Ironman, Raids 3, etc) soooo expect that ... at some point.

Have a great weekend!! <3

Author — Settled


This series is what made me realize I watch swampman for the man, and not the swamp

Author — Boss Bossman


Settled's wife: We're pregnant
Settled: no WAAAYYYY dude

Author — imabossDJ


The worst part about every settled video is that eventually, it ends.

Author — Khuubz


Damn when he said "wow my bag looks insanely clear right now, it actually feels really good to see that for once" I thought he was still advertising ManScaped.

Author — Scott Cameron


Spoon fed for the content. Literally recorded this from his hi-chair.

Author — Dylan Vital


Dang settled I'm at a wedding right now. Guess the marriage is gonna wait

Author — BigNiplesOnIce


I forget so often how this series is a continuation of the ultimate series on the channel. Thinking back to the progress you were making back then and how incredible the quality of the episode and the achievements are is really cool. Also, you must have an insider in morytania. That was some insane purple luck

Author — Voluntas


I bet like half the people who watch this don't even play RuneScape anymore. We're here to watch the Pure Insanity of this Man!

Author — VenomousSpyro


That back 3 back luck is insane. I'm gonna keep watching and if I see a back 4 back I'm gonna flip my shit.

Author — JoeScotterpuss


So glad you started taking sponorships, and I love the way you encorporated it with a cute lil skit. S tier youtuber no doubt.

Author — Matt Coakes


We need a 24/7 Livestream set up that just plays every settled video in chronological order on loop.

Author — Brandon Johnson


I look forward to this series as much as I look forward to Swampletics. Seriously great stuff you got going right now with the channel, you got me invested.

Author — jungus


Satisfying when your team gets the Scythe drop, your team hp bars spell "G a me"
Gaming confirmed

Author — SonicXCII


I'm excited for when this series catch's up to the Phosani Nightmare Update. Love the vids!

Author — Feda


rewatched swamp man and this series twice over so happy to see an upload again <3

Author — Jay Brotatoe


I think it’s time for a new series I can get hyped for .I hope you do something new settled

Author — Run DMC Lovato


I love these videos cause I can tell you're genuinely having fun on these grinds

Author — BreezyRs


I don't even play this anymore, and I still get hyped for one of your vids. Insta click every single one.

Author — Dakota Thorp


Settled, you’re the best! Always love watching the content!

Author — Benjamin Breedlove