Top 10 Most Memorable Graham Norton Show Moments

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Top 10 Most Memorable Graham Norton Show Moments 4.5

Graham Norton has some of the best celebrity interviews on television. The funniest talk show moments like Rebel Wilson's nunchuck skills or Russell Crowe in the Red Chair are hilarious moments and drunk Mark Wahlberg is unforgettable. Join Watchmojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 Graham Norton Show moments.

00:33 #10. Baking Innuendos
01:29 #9. Nunchuck Skills
02:31 #8. Russell Crowe & the Red Chair
03:29 #7. Drunk Mark Wahlberg
04:29 #6. Pine Nuts vs. Cumberbitches
05:50 #5. Seth MacFarlane’s Rogues’ Gallery
07:01 #4. Rejected on National Television
08:13 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Graham Norton is the best chat show and chat show host on earth.

Author — FuzzFace


How could you leave out Miriam Margolyes??? She's been on multiple times and ALWAYS tells the most wonderful, outrageous stories. And what about Stanley Tucci and the insane menu translations? And the discussion of erotic fan art with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender?

Author — Serai3


"Girls over 12". Best thing ever happeden on television, period.

Author — Gobluth


This really doesn't need commentary:  Graham explains what's happening.  The commentary stops the comedy from flowing.

Author — Jazz Jizz


Graham is literally the least fake talk show host to grace the earth.

Author — Raven Thomas


Why did they not actually show Rebel Wilson using the nunchucks???

Author — Daniel Seib


The voiceover almost completely ruins this video.

Author — Stephen Solyom


I love Graham Norton, he's so real and down to earth.

Author — Michael L.


The Graham Norton Show is so damn superior to all American talk shows. The unscripted nature is so refreshing, especially since Craig Ferguson isn't on anymore. To not interview the guests separately, but to have them all on the same couch, without rehearsing the interview and stuff makes it miles more enjoyable than any other talk show out now.

Plus...they give the celebrities drinks. That changes everything...

Author — ezwar99


Literally every second of the Graham Norton show is amazing.

Author — SnazzyJuice


The guy at nr 4 was an arse. She'd already told him no and he goes on national television and embarras her.

Author — Saydjeny


The dance would of been better with out the son



If these are the best, I can't imagine the worst.

Author — BoneCity


You forgot Mark Ruffalo quote: girls under 12.

Author — Aisha Sow


What about Greg Davies story of his moms knickers?!?! Or when Sir Patrick Stewart talks about his circumcision...or lack there of!?! Horrible narration!!!!

Author — Shannon Landolt


but where's Miriam's creamy knickers? :D

Author — HMat


also when Benedict can't pronounce penguins

Author — Annie


"Everybody's favorite Australian." - Russel Crowe? Hmm, I think most people love Hugh Jackman and/or Chris Hemsworth more. Or Margot Robbie. Lovely, talented, lady.

Author — Dare - wait for it - Devil


We need another "British invasion", if it's going to be like this!

Author — Dusk Dawg


What about mark ruffalo and james M. rode unicycles?

Author — Kimmy Kim