HR Managers' Responsibilities

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HR managers take the lead in the management and maintenance of the organization’s people. It is an exciting field with many different paths that you can take over the course of your career.

Most HR jobs are either generalist jobs, in which the HR employee works in many different areas, or specialist jobs, in which the employee focuses on a specific discipline of HR. Equal employment opportunity (EEO) and diversity management specialists are involved with the management of the organization’s employee-related actions to ensure compliance with equal opportunity laws and regulations as well as organizational affirmative action plans (when such plans are required or desired).

In this specialty, you would bear responsibility for seeing to it that the organization acts in an ethical and socially responsible manner. You would work on codes of ethics and also make sure employees live by those codes, such as by maintaining ways in which employees can report violations of ethics (also known as whistle-blowing).

There are many different functions and areas in which an HR manager can work as part of their organization. So, it is pretty much guaranteed that you won’t get bored in your role as a 21st century HR manager if you don’t want to.

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