[60fps Full風]Butterfly on My(Your) Right Shoulder 右肩の蝶 -Kagamine Len Rin 鏡音レン リン DIVA English romaji

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[60fps Full風]Butterfly on My(Your) Right Shoulder 右肩の蝶 -Kagamine Len Rin 鏡音レン リン DIVA English romaji 5

I think the correct translation is "Butterfly on My Right Shoulder",
not "Your Right Shoulder". (`・ω・´)?

SEGA Project DIVAを編集してフルバージョンなどを作っています。Youtubeでは画質が落ち、フレームレートも半分でカクカクしますので、ぜひ実際にプレイしてみてほ­­しいです。
I'm editing Full version ( from Short source songs ) or Clothes compilation ( from Full source songs ) of SEGA Project DIVA.
On You Tube, the movie is reduced to a low quality and half frame rate from the 60 frame / sec. So please try to play the Project DIVA !!

ボーカロイド投稿リスト [My VOCALOID Videos]
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2. Project DIVA Dreamy Theater Extend
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4. VOCALOID Others

( Migikata No Cho VOCALOID ボーカロイド ボカロ Project DIVA Dreamy theater extend English lyrics romaji subtitles モジュールチェンジ 鏡音リン 鏡音レン Kagamine Rin Nori-P Yura Mizuno のりぴー 水野悠良 googoo888 )

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Rin: *singing and having a good time*
Len: *comes out of nowhere* “Bippity Boppity this stage is now my property”

Author — Black Diamonds


Everyone is laughing at Lens booty shorts but IS NO ONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE SONG LYRICS?! It's about loosing someone and grieving for them!!!
Yes, that's accurate as purple butterflies represent negativity and sadness

Author — Eleanor Bateman


This is so unrealistic

The crowds glow sticks would be perfectly in sync

Author — Bot212


everyone in the comments are like "My mom thinks Len a girl" and im over here like "My mom calls Len palm tree guy"

Author — Astolfo's_Period_ Blood


Rin and Len's program used to be call mirror reflection. So when this song first came out he was her reflection and (vise versa for Len). Due to Servant of Evil many fans began seeing them as twins...this is why some songs where one of them appears out of nowhere. So I find it funny that they're now permanently considered twins. Need more proof? They have the same voice actress to create a powerful combo of being each other's reflections. That's why Rin and Len are opposite symbols and genders. I miss them being called mirror reflections since to me, it created a powerful impact. That's why there are songs that shows they're each other's reflection; Black Vow being one of them.

Author — Orokana Angel


fellas this is a song about trauma idk why y'all like to sexualize it so much

Author — jay


rin: *dancing perfectly*

len: *breakdancing*
*10 mins later rin runs len over with a bulldozer*

Author — Zenaku Ura


Rin: having a good time on stage*
Len: *comes in* now its my stage
Rin: *just dancing pretending to have a good time*
Rin inside: 👁💧👄💧👁

Author — Muffingirl_ xd


Was i a simp for len a long time ago?


Am i a simp for him now?


Author — Sweetie Drops


this makes me want to cry actually. i miss vocaloid so much. i miss all the various rp vocaloid accounts. i miss adoring my kagamine children. i just miss vocaloid so much.

Author — Jaspurr


when i'm trying to hide that i'm a weeb but people start talking about anime

Author — スペクトル


This was my ringtone in middle school

Intense weeb Nostalgia

Author — Kai


In 2024 we’ll be showing our kids this telling them what their generation missed out on 😩😔

Author — Nani Baka


Roselia is about to cover this song omg!!!

Author — Shirayuki Kobayashi


"There is a butterlty on your right shoulder." Me:GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!

Author — Please I want a Doppio body pillow D;


cringe culture is dead. vocaloid will always hold a special place in my heart

Author — yam yam


All the comments are like “all the comments are like, ” and I’m just here like “all the comments are like, ”

Author — Koro Moro


anyone still listening?

just me?

Author — adri


Reasons why len is late
1. He was getting dressed
2. He had to use the bathroom
3. He forgot something
4. He was being lazy
5. He was asked to go on stage after 14 seconds
6. He was too busy kissing a butterfly

Author — Zoe Mills


Everyone's like "Love this" "This got me into vocaloid!" "great song!"

And I'm just like

"....is Len wearing hotpants?"

Author — Chao Professor