Motorola Moto Z3 Long Term Review: Underrated!

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Motorola Moto Z3 Long Term Review: Underrated! 5

Motorola launched the Moto Z3 in late 2018 with very little fanfare. It was and still is exclusive to Verizon Wireless in the US. It came with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 4 GB of RAM, which were the specs of a 2017 flagship smartphone. Most tech reviewers and influencers brushed this phone aside as, on the surface, it was mostly the same as its predecessor, the Moto Z2 Force. However, as a huge fan of the Moto Z Play and the Moto Mods, I wanted to give the Moto Z series another chance by purchasing the Moto Z3. Check out the video to see why I think it's underrated and still worth buying in 2019!


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I would take this design anyday over a notch!!

Author — Aswin


The only phone I can tolerate the removal of the headphone jack

Author — Alister Goh


I still have the original Moto Z Play 😁

Author — Alex BW


Love this phone. Great content, great review.

Author — GWW Tech


I have the Moto Z3 and I absolutely love it. Call me crazy but I prefer using it over my Galaxy S10 plus.

Author — Manuel Luna


Damn right it's underrated, I love my Moto Z3!

Author — Hughes House Productions


Lenovo is the sole responsible making Motorola downgrade . It was better with Google.
2 major company I hate is Lenovo n Asus. Not to say much ... Experience yourself.

Author — Debasish Sundar Ray


The best deal was for Cyber Monday, $5 a month for 24 months on Verizon upgrade. We got one.

Author — David Prodigy


I love my Motorola E5 play. I've dropped the thing so many times, even from the cab of the semi I drive for work, maybe 3 times, no cracked screen and works fine, Motorola is boss. For $40, it's the best darn phone I've ever had. Can't be said for Samsung or worst the iPhone which breaks if you drop it a few inches and cost a fortune to fix.

Author — A B


The Flashlight gesture was genius I use it all the time. If they bring back the Moto 360 I’ll be in heaven.

Author — jkeboy


love my z play its the best phone ive ever own. great baterry life, moled screen, ok camera, great hardware and unique design. it sucks that they remove the headphone jack.

Author — Officer Onduty


I love the Moto Mod ecosystem, but as you said.. they've not either got their due or have been not in the public eye, for some strange reason... love Motorola

Author — Armin Sanjana


Great review! I bought my Z3 about 6 months ago, and really don't have any complaints. I also like the dedicated black and white camera.

Author — Jerad P


I've owned a lot of Motorola phones. I'm talking that's all I bought since the old razor smart phone came out. I really miss when Motorola was trying to be the best phone company. Not trying to make a product that sales. Do a side by by side comparison of Motorola z3 vs droid turbo one. There's a couple differences but not much. I think my next phone will be Samsung Galaxy s9 r s 10

Author — Dennis G.


Its an appealing phone thanks to the mods. I enjoy mine.

Author — john cooper


I have a Moto X play one day I received 7:23 hrs of screen time.

Author — Nitin Kanal


Who's here after getting the z3 play from bestbuy for $150

Author — CJ Shanklin


I just bought this phone today from Verizon. It's really nice.

Author — Stanley McKinney


I just got a version with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM because it was on a good deal. I've never had a Motorola before and I couldn't be happier with it

Author — Thiago Valadares Noleto Damasceno


Thanks Mister, you're helping me cement the idea of getting that phone- I'm looking for solid, not so much the flash, but the mods are cool- that being said, I'm a writer and it would be cool AF if they did a flip open qwerty board mod, as long as the platform was hella stable so it wouldn't wobble. So, there's my two cents. Thanks, instant subscribe!

Author — chris whitenack