The next pandemic could come from our farms

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The next pandemic could come from our farms 5

We've engineered the perfect environment for deadly new germs.

In the last half-century, the global production of meat has undergone a seismic shift. While meat was once mostly raised on small farms, today almost all the meat we eat comes from industrialized “factory” farms, known as “concentrated animal feeding operations,” or CAFOs. Animals in CAFOs are often packed closely together, which makes them both efficient and, for many, ethically dubious. But infectious disease experts worry about CAFOs for a different reason: Because they’re also an ideal environment for virus and bacteria mutations that human immune systems have never seen. In other words, they’re a highly likely source for the next pandemic.

A deeper look at the threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria:

Martha Nelson's study tracking the origins of the 2009 H1N1 virus:

A hopeful look at where factory farming might be headed in the US:

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ME : when will this pandemic end
VOX : how will the next pandemic begin

Author — Rohan Balu


Vox isn't "predicting" anything, these issues are already well known within the scientific community. Vox is just increasing our awareness of the problem

Author — Reb W


This video will become viral in several decades during the next pandemic

*they predicted the future*

Author — PHCuber


**Covid 19 finally gets under control**
Covid 21: Guess who's back
Covid 23: Back again
Covid 25: Shady's back
Covid 27: Tell a friend

Author — The Trainmobile


I was watching an interview from a WHO scientist back in March, he said: “as long as humans consume the flesh of animals, there will be possibilities for pandemics like this”.

I’m no vegan, but I try to eat less meat these days as much as possible.

Author — Bo Yang


Livestock production is also responsible for almost half of all carbon emissions, so that’s another reason to stop using factory farms

Author — Altair DeSanta


America is it's own worse enemy. It does everything it can to destroy itself.

Author — ScytheNoire


Synopsis: eat a plant-based diet

No antibiotic resistant diseases
Less land, water, and resource use
Less animal torture
I guess it’s time for me to start buying beyond burgers more. Can’t really justify meat at this point.

Author — Nick Gates


CDC: Do not put chickens in tightly packed spaces they will Get diseases
Chicken farms: how about I do it anyway

Author — Pixel fan XD



There's a strain of H1N1 under close watch as we speak, it arose only months into COVID-19.

I hate factory farming.

Author — Mariah Hook


East less meat. Be flexitarian at least. Period.

Author — KOR. Mighty Mouse TV


Well, this is reinforcing my vegetarianism.

Author — Kalexambing


Next decade, Vox would be going 'I told you so', again and again.

Author — Akshat Verma


Mark my words, in the next pandemic the youtube algorithim will recommend this.


Author — PENGUIN FACE 621


Meanwhile on JRE:

"I'm a farmer and I drink directly out of the cow trough. It builds my immune system."

Author — Jayce


So if everyone was vegan, this wouldn’t be an issue?

Author — Kaylea Morrison


I’ve been vegan for six years now and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made - I feel better and healthier than ever. Just saying :)

Author — Steven O'Henries


Why not just switch to vegan meat? They aren't harmful for the environment and don't start pandemics.

Author — PhoenixHunter YT


I'd be more worried about antibiotic resistance. Edit: Ah, they got to that too.

Author — zapfanzapfan


Corona: "I want to leave a....m..e..s..s..a..g..e.."
Next pandemic: "you Just LEAVE"

Author — Boycott Godi media