TOP 3 Tsunami Caught On Camera | Biggest Tsunami in the world

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TOP 3 Tsunami Caught On Camera | Biggest Tsunami in the world 3.5
TOP 3 Tsunami Caught On Camera - Caught on camera | Biggest Tsunami in the world


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This is what ants feel every time it rains.

Author — Trainer Grim


"were not going anywhere today"
Me:Nah your going to the beach today remember you had plans

Author — gravityisgettingweird


I never knew there was a tsunami in chile 2010//

Author — M N H


Imagine being on the beach and seeing a wave higher than lebrons hairline and just thinking "well I'm f**ked

Author — FunnyVash


"let's hang out and watch it come in", they said. "It will be fun", they

Author — Iamsam 1969


how are people so calm, I'd seriously DIE inside my brain

Author — Slimey Sophie


The people are like let me take a video and I'm like OMG HELO.MEHHH IM GONNA DIE

Author — LilianaMB


if I had a penny for every time I hear requiem for a dream....

Author — Jaybuza


“We are not going any where today”

You think?

Author — Ivy Vaughan


"We're not going anywhere today. "


Author — Yona Hime


The tsunami in japan....what were those ppl, doing, just standing there watching a huge overflow of water being just like "Oooh, that's

Author — Daniel Ryu


Poor guy at 0:31...r.i.p man :( WTF are those idiots doing at 4:42?

Author — MrEd315


Gather the kids!! Were gonna go watch the tsunami!! Its not a parade your gonna DIEEEE

Author — Ivy Manning


I've watched quite a lot of tsunami videos....but holy crap!!...This one has footage I've never seen!!

Author — Mike Habic


Ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the land

Author — Renz Lumbao


these videos are exactly why all your possessions mean nothing. your family is all you have. love them n have fun, life is short. don't spend it working your life away for some rich family that don't care about you. wake up

Author — Raw Dawg Pendants


This is how little bugs feel when it rains

Author — Asmr Queen


I pretty sure the end of this video(from4:23) is qiantang tide, not a tsunami

Author — weishan kong


Imagine how it would feel if a huge water 🌊 wave is coming straight at you!

Author — Annaya Jain


0:29 u can see a guy get swept away😰😱 R.I.P person

Author — Sharon Mulcahy