How To Use Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 (Easy Tutorial)

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How To Use Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 (Easy Tutorial) 4.5

Today I will be showing you how to use Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020! If you enjoy this video, feel free to subscribe! Make sure to SMASH that like button below as well! Stick around for more content!

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*Relatives* : So Alex, what do you do for a living?
*Alex* :Uhm... basically I make and edit videos about me editing some videos
*Relatives* : ...

Author — CrankySid


everybody gangsta until you realise theres a watermark and you have just wasted 7 hours

Author — craig T


How do you take off the letters in the beginning?

Author — Xetro


Do u have to pay to buy this and does it have a watermark cuz I'm lookin for free filomora alternatives without a watermark

Author — xXKING_TVXx


hey there, thank you for this video.
i have a question: is it possible to save a sequenz as a picture? for example if i create a logo with this programm i want this as a picture.. hipe you know what i mean...

Author — Duci's Kitchen Stories


Appreciate this, bro. I needed this quick tutorial :)

Author — Joshua Garner


Hi Alex, i having problem after export or save my video project...couldnt get as preview...all the transition, text n editing gone/missing...makes me frustrated with the software.

Author — Asdahrizam Alias


Yo Alex, thank you so much! I did a video for my Fashion Institute Exam and YOU helped in a big way! Salute my brother



Hi Alex, I want to find out how I can merge my video with a pdf file? As a music teacher I would like to for example, explain what what crotchet or minims are referring to the score by the side of my video. How can I do that? I tried converting it into a JPeg then import but I don't know how I can merge it with the video. Otherwise its shifting my video. Please help

Author — John Chitambo - J.C Music Education.


I am really struggling with MOVAVI... I expected it to be easy

I am doing slideshows 4 images and its giving me over 15 more duplicates in the editing section and my exported video is SUPER LONG with the same images... I only want 4 images long....and I dont know how to make it to short clip... Isnt this supposed to be EASY? Wasted 1 hour playing around with it.... What on earth is this.... can someone help me???



Is there no any option to select a part of any video from view window and selected part adding into timeline? Fox example I have 30 different videos and from each one I need to take just 6 seconds part...How can I do it easly? I can not find a select option under view window or anything else?...

Author — İş İlanları


Informative video. Thanks. I just bought Movavi Video Editor Plus. Question: What is it you do for a living?

Author — Steve Coscia


Love this guy! It's a quick way to learn some basics and nice job showing examples of what Movavi can do.

Author — Carolyn Chavez


i like how u explain everything so easy, thanks

Author — Rocky عقيد الفيفا


I have this video editor and I have some questions about it? So hopefully I’ll get them answered in this video.

Author — Kayla Marie


Sweet dude! Nice to eee you showing off different softwares ! Thats a pretty a pretty advanced one as well tbh it kinda reminds me of wandershare filmora.. 🤔💙🔥 dropped a like 4 you my guy!

Author — Optipy Studios


Thank you for this video. I downloaded and made my last video with Movavi.... It made a world of difference from my old videos.

Author — Keenan Lambert


Thanks for the tutorial very helpful, going to get this today!

Author — PHD holsters and leather Lil Bob


Big thank you for the tutorial, can you share some good transitions for casual editing pls! Thank you again <3

Author — GeoDaK1ng


Thank you for this
I downloaded this video editing software!!
It’s amazing! Your videos are so awesome and keep up the good work!!

Author — MatthewTrier