ACOA The Struggle For Intimacy - Special Guest Self Differentiation Expert Jerry Wise

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

Special Guest Self Differentiation Expert Jerry Wise discusses the struggles that many Adult Children Of Alcoholics experience in their quest for intimacy,

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This is one of the first videos I watched of yours, Jerry.  I was experiencing what I have come to know is explosive reactivity, and started searching for information about how to forgive myself.  I landed on this one (and a few others) and cried when I had to admit to myself I was the adult child of an alcoholic, as I fit the MO to a T.

I'm watching it again.  It is even more meaningful now after some therapy with you.

Thanks so much. 

Author — Patty Baker


Thanks Jim. ACOA Is what I am, watching your videos has opened up old wounds and its times I dealt with my past, I now understand what is wrong, I am going to attend a meeting and get my self sorted out.

Author — Martin Murphy


Great message! Many blessings to you and yours.

Author — Jeff Dodson


Yes, yes, yes! You described me to a T. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Author — Tricia Ringholz


Actually, the first 3 sound exactly like what my ACOA (among other things, I expect) has put ME through for 17 years.  

Author — WhajonahleVideo


Saw this on Facebook this morning - really great info. Thank you so much! Subscribing :-)

Author — Talk Therapy Channel


i'll be there for you next time!  famous last HOPES!.... lol  thats hilarious yet sad but true.  your wonderful jerry, thank you for all your great vids:)

Author — the woolen bunny


how do we change these things?  going into recovery?  i work with a therapist and a 12 step program, along with reading about my addiction and acoa tendencies, is this enough or am i missing a critical part?  i feel like momentum is building to fuel healthy relationships and intimacy but i'm not confident

Author — Adam Kahn