Minutemen Cohesion Guitar Tutorial

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Sorry I rambled a little in the beginning! The actual teaching starts at 00:47

R.I.P. D. Boon, you inspired me in so many ways. I hope this tutorial does the song justice.

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Thank you for this! My experience with this song is exactly the same as yours. I remember spinning Double Nickels on the Dime in high school and rocking through the usual Minutemen brain blasters and this song came on and was completely out of left field but awesome. Over the years I always wondered if D. Boone was a secret classical guitarist or something. And here I am 35 years later looking for a new song to play on my guitar and I came across your video... D. Boone RIP

Author — Randy Tidd


I’ve got some time to go over this new material from you the next while. 👍
I’m just coming up two years learning guitar, started late but it is a very big part of my life now.
I can’t say enough thanks for your Helmet tutorials. I work on them all the time and what you helped me with still makes a very big difference in my practice.
Now some D Boon.
Thanks again!

Author — Kerry From AJ


Whoa! Been a while Ifutureman. I still go through your Hemlet tutorial. Ill check this one out later. Cheers.

Author — simms1237


Awesome tutorial, thanks! Been looking for a decent tutorial of this for some years, and you explain it perfectly!

Author — Peder Walle


As a 26 year old who has experienced and loves all walks of music. From nirvana to the doors, jazz, sonic youth, new order/joy division... you name it. Minutemen, i can truely say are the most underrated band of all time. In terms of their talent, musicianship and cohesion as a band if you will pardon the pun. Mike watt and George should be sitting on mountains of gold for the beauty they provided this world. I can guarentee you that any guy who picks up a guitar with a shred of creativity will find beauty in D Boon's style.

Author — MrHighnstein


Thank you soooo0o much! Able to start playing this song (very roughly) in just a day thanks to your great teaching - sure beats studying tablature. Rock on!!! 🤘

Author — Guy McFox


This is epic man. Great lesson, thanks so much.

Author — Adam


This sounds just like the recording. So killer. Thanks for the cool video!

Author — brady


D-Boone! love your enthusiasm for it too.

Author — aggressive accoustic


been trying to perfect this song off this video for a few weeks. thanks for the vid

Author — zoocha


Great song. Great tutorial. RIP d boon

Author — Alex Ruma


This song is where the Red Hot Chili Peppers got the intro from their song “Under the Bridge” from.

Author — T- man