Coronavirus: Deserted streets around the world | AFP

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Coronavirus: Deserted streets around the world | AFP 5
Streets are empty in various cities across the globe as countries close schools, shops, public places, and put cities on lockdown to fight the new coronavirus pandemic.

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What a great time for independent movie makers to get footage for their upcoming apocalypse movies

Author — Matthew O’Riordan


At least it's a temporary rest for our planet.

Author — Justin Leung


Didn't think this would happen in my life time. Just shows how wrong I was and how a virus can bring the world to a stand still..

Author — BennettsCastle1978


Well, global warming just ended overnight.

Author — CommandoJenkins


This is how to empty the city without CGI.

Author — piny 09


Such a stark reminder that we're always taking the world for granted

Author — Chaniah G


Title: Showing deserted streets around the world.

*Shows only 4 out of hundreds of countries around the world*

Author — Ar Armstrong


"50, 000 people used to live here. Now it's a ghost town."

Author — Super Smash Revan


This should honestly be a yearly thing lol. This would help with the co2

Author — AsapKarma


Corona be like: If you don't come out, I'll come in

Author — Not Offended


I feel like the kid in class missing out on recess, because the other stupid kids don't want to follow directions or stay in a straight line. Also in fear for my life because the school shooter is about to kill the

Author — only one Mr X Only one Mr y


A microscopic virus did what so called greatest and most powerful men in authority could not do, i.e. create FEAR in MAN.Not only here but all over the globe.

Author — Pardesi Pilgrim


The volume of vehicles is similar in the 1900s

Author — Ferri Anandri Husen


I thought I was never going to see the days of empty streets

Author — josmary flores


this is good for the planet huge co2 reduction

Author — Jedeko


Wet dream. Looks like heaven on earth to me

Author — Winter Nunya


Coronavirus (Covid-19): Looks Peaceful But I’m Still Here! Lmao! So I’m STAYING HERE On This Planet!

Author — Ariel Malsi Real


The air is so clean! mother earth is proud of you!

Author — Semi-Charmed Life


Absolutely Nobody:
Truck in the back: *sneezes* 0:36

Author — Jonas Fernades


We are doing well indoors! 👍🏻 from San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸

Author — Orlando Nunez