Needham Ag - High Yield Wheat Management – European Style

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

A short 5 minute video which highlights some of the management techniques used by English farmers, to raise 170-200 bushel per acre wheat yields with 20-24" of average annual rainfall.

Many of these principles can be utilized to increase cereal yields and grain quality across many regions of North America, as long as they have adequate rainfall, but remember the growing seasons across Western Europe and countries including New Zealand are longer and more suitable for high cereal yields.

Sorry for the wind noise !

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It has beautiful results. Would you plz mention the varity name.

Author — abdul waheed


Your closing wheels for 500t are a game changer in germination percentage!!!...

Author — Micro Soil Enhancers iNSPire your soils


Sir how much period is required on your part to produce wheat

Author — Qamar Rasool


Why Europe has more of Awnless wheat?? What are its benefits?

Author — Radhakrishna Bhandari


Higher yields only serve to drive the market price down. It is simple supply and demand.

Author — Stranger Danger