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Jim is forced to work in the back of the office after Michael steals his desk because of the carpet incident.

From Season 2, Episode 14 "The Carpet" - When someone soils the carpet in Michael's office, he sees it as a form of hatred against him and realises that not everyone may like him. Meanwhile, when Jim moves to the back of the office for the day, Pam must cope without his ability to make her laugh.

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Toby’s smartest move in the entire series.

Author — Simon Brady


Jim and Kelly's mostly one sided gossip sessions are underrated

Author — Abhishek 21_756


He is the reason behind whole Ryan Kelly relationship.

Author — Prateek


Never noticed Toby’s allergy line before 😂😂

Author — M Wybourn


Kelly calling herself shy is truly my aunt’s level of self awareness.

Author — Yolanda Ponkers


Just the way Jim looks towards the camera when Kelly asks him to talk about Ryan is so funny

Author — Pragnya Dinesh


It just shows how much of a powerhouse Mindy Kaling is that she's able to play a supremely annoying character and still make her completely likable.

Author — Doda Garcia


If The Office was made today, Kelly would be making TikTok videos all day.

Author — SheldonAdama17


No wonder he starred in “A Quiet Place”

Author — Inspector Roy


"What do you think about Kelly?"
"I dunno, depends if you like a little junk in --"
*Remembers he's on camera*
"She's really cool"

Author — Andrea


"I'm too shy. "

- Kelly Kapoor

Author — fire-d guy


"I mean I'm not a sl*t but who knows" defines Kelly and Ryan's relationship over the next few years

Author — Shalmali P R


You guys ever thought that if Packer had never played that prank on Michael, it's possible that Kelly and Ryan would never date? Haha

Author — Alfredo Herculano


Imagining the other side of the Jim's chair conversation:
Michael: Does anyone know how to adjust Jimbo's chair?
Ryan: Pretty sure it's just the same as all chairs..the lever on the side..
Michael: No, no, I need you to ask Jim
Ryan: I'm sure it's the leve—
Michael: *sigh * Please just go ask Jim this is important, Ryan, okay?
Ryan: * looks at camera *
Michael: * off camera * Just go ask Jim

Author — Connor Dirks


I love Kelly/Jim scenes. It’s freshman/senior vibes but unclear who is who.

Author — J


1:06 Jim realizing Toby didn’t have an allergy but made it up to move away from Kelly

Author — Rohawk Lol


before we knew what Kelly and Ryan would turn into

Author — Nate Berman


When someone talks to me like this
Or in a awkward situation....
I look into my imaginary camera just like jim

Author — SisAndBroTOYShow Collier


The early seasons had Jim as a punching bag, this episode had Jim see Pam laugh at Roy then he had to sit with kelly for the entire day and awkwardly asked a girl out on the phone

Author — Glamorous Man


Love how Kelly actually finds a friend with Erin
The others aren’t rly interested in what she has to say

Author — Jemima Burton