Juicing is easy |Nxone review & assembly

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

Hi health lovers, I'm so excited to have a juicer! I've wanted one for years and I thought I had to spend $300 on one. YIKES! Turns out I found a really good inexpensive masticating juicer for under $100. The truth is that I'm new to juicing so I don't need a super expensive one. I can invest in a higher quality one once I get the hang of juicing and if I keep juicing consistently. Thank you for joining me. Remember to stay inspired and live well. Love, Vegan Flower Child

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Watching this while drinking a green juice I just made. Yours looks yummy. 😀 I ginger + apple + lemon or lime as well! So tasty and good for the tummy as you said.

Author — conscious observer


Good to know the juicers are not too expensive. Love the vid as always👍🏽

Author — Trey Boyce


Very interesting!!! What is the name of the juicer you purchased? Great video as always!

Author — Paula Zellmer


Reminds me of my IKICH masticating juicer.

Author — A