MiBoxer C4 Smart Charger

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The new MiBoxer is quite a cool charger, with 4 bays and several very useful features. You can test battery capacity and resistance, as well as revive an otherwise "dead" battery....or one that has discharged too far.
Watch the video and see for yourself!

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I'll stick with the "LIITOKALA" Lii-500.

Author — william johnson


great vids as always thanks. have a nice weekend. :-)

Author — ubbe


Which charger would you recommend which has got similar features as this plus:
1. Max 1000mA instead of 800mA
2. Reliable and safe for long term use

I am using xtar VC4 currently, but it does not have individual slot control.

Author — hset5


less than 1 amp charge? no a real charger mc-3000, it will do up to 3amps x 4 channels at once!!

Author — wdn


Your link wouldn't give me a discount.

Author — Spartan J


Dude tell us somethin we DONT know
you are BRUTALLY terrible

Author — Nathan Keller