Haunted Mental Asylum Video (WARNING)

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Haunted Mental Asylum Video (WARNING) 5

We wanted to try making a whole YouTube video inside the abandoned haunted mental asylum in our town. I've literally never been left so confused and disturbed in my life.. Please do not try this guys.
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Who else going though joes old haunted exploration vids in quarantine

Author — Eli Is awesome


To this day this is still one of the most unexplainable videos ever

Author — 54 Gaming


‘This place used to house people who were mentally disturbed
Elliot runs towards it

Author — Mia


i could watch joe explore haunted shit for hours its so entertaining lol

Author — touchdalight


I was actually enjoying guessing the footballer

Author — Rhys Reilly


“Alright your just vandalising now”
*proceeds to throw a whole weelie bin a door and a table frame in part 2*

Author — piece of toast


U hear kids in an abandoned place...7:02...TAKE YOUR TROUSERS DOWN!

Author — HønëyWølf


Thing is, the “na na na” bit sounds like something in a mental asylum would do - a childish like mind

Author — Elliott Jacob Stockdale


7:00 "Come on!!?" The way he said it is very funny lol.

Edit: Lol look at all the Salt in the Comments. I didn't even mean to offend you. This was made in a joking manner ffs lol.

Author — Abraham Lincoln


If your looking for a scary house, go to my mother in laws!

Author — Captain Eggcellent


Did you know that...

No one cares when your watching this.

Author — Alastairr _


Maybe the child wasn't alone and another person threw the rocks. Also, they may not have left the building and just hidden.

Author — TheMinecraftMan // EdTMM


joe: gets into a possible dangerous situation in an abandoned mental asylum with things being thrown at him...

also joe: TaKe YoUr TrOuSeRs DoWn!!

Author — F_HRDN


Did no one hear a woman speak first, then the child?

Author — Good Karma


7:20 Me trying to scare the monsters when i go to the kitchen in the middle off the night to get a glass of

Author — Mariana Dias


fall 2019, petition for joe to review this video in 2019/2020

Author — Lindsay


Joe: And yes many people have died in here
Elliot: *dabs*

Author — James Stephen


Hey Joe you need to explore the factory we did. its mad!

Author — vJamahh


youtubers: "We're here just to film a video"

Ghosts: "oh okay, let us just put on our best performance"

Author — Kiddo VR


I can't tell if it's real or fake. I've watched many ghost hunting videos and when the ghost answers them it sounds quiet and breathy sometimes hard to make out what there saying whereas this was clear and sounded human i don't get it.

Author — WoUlD yOu LiKe AmMn Or FmMm