How playing sports benefits your body ... and your brain - Leah Lagos and Jaspal Ricky Singh

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How playing sports benefits your body ... and your brain - Leah Lagos and Jaspal Ricky Singh 5

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The victory of the underdog. The last minute penalty shot that wins the tournament. The training montage. Many people love to glorify victory on the field, cheer for teams, and play sports. But should we be obsessed with sports? Are sports as good for us as we make them out to be, or are they just a fun and entertaining pastime? Leah Lagos and Jaspal Ricky Singh show what science has to say on the matter.

Lesson by Leah Lagos and Jaspal Ricky Singh, animation by Kozmonot Animation Studio.

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This made me feel like a useless sloth ._.

I really need to find a sport

Author — nowolves


this is Bob

Bob is early

Bob doesn't comment

be like Bob

Author — Hans Bouwman


Last time I was this early

Britain was still in the EU

Author — Dvd Ftw


What if i don't like sports?

...or people?

Author — Shrek T


Wow!, wtf where the rowers doing on 3:06 ?!!. Rowing forward? Haha

Author — Rense Doornink


Seems like only girls do sport. That's good for me, so I can get fat and die early.

Author — TheJaseku


I'm King Henry and I approve this message.

Author — King Henry


Last time I was this early...Watchmojo didn't post a video (or five) yet

Author — KingGamingYT


The rowing boat is supposed to have the rowers facing opposite direction of the boat. Jus' sayin'

Author — Coffee Dynamite


Anyone overlook the factor of Money? When I was in high school my family was in poverty, and I could barely even afford to get notebooks for class. I wanted to be on sports teams but it cost money to be in a sports team at my high school. You had to have solid transportation to meets, buy uniforms, drinks, have your own equipment etc. Money has always kept me from sports from an early age. That and I was always picked last for teams so I sort of really hate sports as an adult now.

Author — Tana Jones


Well... I go to the gym with my friends so.... the effects are the same or not?

Author — Gabriel Vera


I love sports and I love the memories. Some of the best memories of my life are playing hockey.

Author — Travis Alias


this is powerful I actually cried when I saw the beauty of quantum physics

Author — malcorm walker


What if my favorite sport is individual? WHAT THEN?!

Author — Chico Bruto


This was so cute and encouraging, I loved it :))))

Author — Chance Kkc


I love contact sports, like footy and rugby. <3

Author — deew


Can someone please tell me where I can find the background music played in this video?

Author — Abhay Bhatt


"It's important to participate, not to win." Said the guy who lost lol

Author — Mihailo Solujić


I should really start exercising... is what I have said for the past 3 years.

Author — Jingya Sun


Is there any evidence of ancient civilation related to Sport ??
I mean, did they practice sport ??

Author — Bechou Abderrazak