What It’s Like To Travel Alone When You’re Blind

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What It’s Like To Travel Alone When You’re Blind 5

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I'm Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

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I’m not blind And this video gave me anxiety.

Author — Zach Godshalk


The voice over oh her phone 😂:


It’s like, yelling at you 😂

Author — Salty Cracker


"they don't want to sit next to him" I would pay to sit next to a dog! lol

Author — miranda725


I love the fact siri sounds so stressed. Shes like "oh God, ONE FACE LARGE FACE"

Author — Pockets


I kind of want to slap that woman who was like “I don’t care. I need the window.” No, you don’t. You need an attitude adjustment.

Author — WritingSchiozo101


The woman like, "I don't care. I need the window." My only response was, "Ok, KAREN"

Author — Joytricher


I felt like I was going to cry the whole time and then Gallup took a gentle bite of banana, and I finally smiled. Glad you got through it okay, molly.

Author — Cassidy F.


I find it heartbreaking that you have to use a wheelchair to get noticed, my dad is blind and even when we are travelling with him in Gatwick airport they give him a neon green with sunflowers lanyard (I assume so all the staff can easily identify people who are disabled and may need assistance at any point) when we check in. All the staff recognise the lanyard so whenever we are going through a new area of the airport they will ask politely if he needs assistance or requirements eg, we often are given quick access through security which isn’t always needed but definitely a bonus!
I feel like all airports around the world should have a system like this that makes it easy for staff to identify those who may need help but not make it a hassle for the person

Author — Maria Kenworthy


I find it infuriating that you can clearly see that her eyes aren't focusing on anything but some people have the audacity to say that blind people are faking it

Author — Alondra NFV


Airports should have dedicated assistants for the blind to stay with them to ensure a smooth easy trip

Author — z


It’s sad that when someone helps Molly she refers to them as “super nice”. They are not nice, they are literally doing their duty as citizens without any disability. But she’s so used to mean people that she’s surprised when they don’t leave her behind. Molly, you’re such a sweet person❣️

Author — Lux Rose


That woman who guided you was seriously SO nice. I'm glad at least she treated you kindly.

Author — Noel Gregorich


This video actually upsets me. The fact that you have to get a wheelchair just to not be forgotten really got to me. 😢

Author — Linda Valdez


I’ve been through a cancer diagnosis and law school and I can hands down say that traveling alone as a blind person who relies on a guide dog, is the absolute most stressful and exhausting process because of other people. When check-in counter employees, TSA agents, gate agents, flight crews, and other people are patient and understanding it makes all of the difference in the world. So this video made me anxious for Molly and made me cry. It brought back some awful memories. No one ever wants to feel like an inconvenience or a burden. No one wants to BE an inconvenience or a burden.

I’ve only had one issue with another passenger on a plane. I was already seated with my dog well within my foot space and a lady who boarded right as they were closing the aircraft door realized that she’d be sitting next to us. She refused to take her seat and tried demanding that I be moved because she didn’t want to get dog hair on her pants. I was seated at a window seat at the bulkhead in first class. To move me would have involved getting my dog up and across the isle and resettled while upending the final cabin prep. The flight crew told her it wasn’t possible and offered her that seat or a switch of seats. She continued to make a scene and make me feel awful. A man seated behind us and someone else across the isle at the bulkhead offered her his seat and she refused. At this point I was stressed and in tears. The flight crew gave her the option to deplane and take a later flight. She stomped off the plane (that was now leaving late) to the sounds of booing from the other passengers.

So I felt her frustration here.

Author — Amanda Davis


Molly: *trying to vlog*

Author — Io Gaines


“as if a dog at their feet for an hour is a bigger deal than me being blind for life” lmao

Author — mystic wolf


She has a service dog BECAUSE SHE US BLIND! Don’t come for her. So what if her dog is not PERFECT nothing PERFECT y’all got some problems about that. Just leave her alone and keep all the hate to yourself. No body cares about the rude stuff you have to say. And the women did not have to be that rude

Author — Tea Time


*It must be so annoying to have to talk to people when you’re feeling antisocial!*

Author — Ashity McBashity


it;s stressful as a sighted person to travel alone, i can't imagine how it is to travel while visually impaired. You're so brave Molly

Author — RoseQuinzel


This was educational. Never struck my mind that a blind person sitting by themself might be traveling alone, and or in need of some help/favours. I've always just asumed they are with someone or taken care of by someone. I'll be sure to ask in the future. Thanks for the video. I like you. Your awsome.

Author — Mathis J