Boris Johnson defeated as Tory rebels move against a no-deal Brexit - BBC News

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Boris Johnson defeated as Tory rebels move against a no-deal Brexit - BBC News 4

The UK’s Prime Minister has lost a key Brexit vote as members of parliament opposed to no deal take control of House of Commons business.

MPs voted to take control of the Commons agenda tomorrow, paving the way for a bill designed to block Boris Johnson from taking the UK out of the European Union without a deal.

In a statement immediately after the vote, the Prime Minister accused parliament of being on the “brink of wrecking any deal” the UK might be able to strike in Brussels. Mr Johnson indicated that he would call for a general election if MPs vote tomorrow to force him to seek a delay to Brexit.

Earlier in the day the government lost its working majority in the Commons, when the Conservative Dr Philip Lee defected to the Liberal Democrats in protest at the government's approach.

Part of the BBC News at Ten’s Brexit coverage.

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Im just here to listen to the speaker shout

Author — Hamid Ibrahim


The world is going to be out of popcorn by the time this mess has been sorted. 🥴

Author — Margaret Wilson


When the comment section is too toxic:

Author — NuclearJesus211


Honestly I’m beginning to see this season’s plot as too similar to last two seasons. Protagonist needs the support of the house so holds an event and loses, with the first one being the Brexit referendum and the second one being May’s deal. Maybe that’s just my opinion, but I see it as lazy writing.

Still, this was a fantastic episode.

Author — go home


I'm really just here to watch the speaker loudly scold very successful politicians like little children and shout every time there's an argument.

Author — Lliu Snow


You need to ban Mobile phones in parliament . These people are supposed to be listening to each other instead of watching YouTube or Twitter

Author — bum snogger


So, I thought this Brexit thing was supposed to be a miniseries. Then it became a series.
Now Brexit is a never ending soap opera. Like EastEnders, but less realistic.

Author — Emily Moss


*I love British people: OORDDAAAH
I love it. Much better than American politics

Author — Knowledge Is Key


This is just a episode of British drama series real game resumes when they go off cameras.

Author — rohimore


Watching from Aus, it's like soap opera

Author — Zed Orchard


As a former Brit, I've been following this issue. Let's assume for a moment that BREXIT is just a long drawn out distraction...what is it we are not supposed to see? What is this misdirection obscuring from public view?

Author — creator generator


Nowadays whenever someone asks me for names of good political dramas I just recommend the House of Commons

Author — Retro Fury


“He wouldn’t dare behave that way in front of Colin!”

Author — Souf FC


The comments here are amazing.. people really are seeing through this utter bulls*it.

Author — kath david


Don't usually watch politics but I'm starting to find this rather entertaining.

Author — Alliyahgirl


Legends says, Great Britain is still trying to exit EU to this day, oh wait, that’s actually the case !

Author — Isshin


can someone with enough money purchase an island just create a new country, and I'll come along to live on it as a farmer/fisherman so I don't have to deal with this rubbish anymore.

Author — Tom vs the World


The day Brits realize the EU wasn't their problem..

Just joking of course they'll never figure it out.

Author — computername


Omg The way he says - I fell of my chair laughing

Author — ausdak08


Haha, Jacob Rees-Mogg just lying down.

Author — user2837