Full Throttle - Rock Out (Motorhead Cover)

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

Full Throttle's cover of "Rock Out".

Instagram: @fullthrottlegrofficial

Vocals/Bass: Alkistis L
Guitars: George P

Drums: Thomas C

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Shellac Recordings, Thessaloniki.

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As a Motörhead fan, I must say that this is.... AMAZING!!!

Author — Luis Fernando De Luna Meza


Sounds amazing! Those vocals are unreal! I WANT MORE!

Author — Erin Ryan


You should do More covers guys! This Is fucking amazing!!!!

Author — Víctor Guzmán


I'm impressed, and I very rarely say that! Crack on you guys, you rock!

Author — Davy Cochrane


The Les Paul looks like a violin on that wrestler. Awesome

Author — FinestMother


Horns up....very well done. Need more, keep rocking out

Author — WontDie4u


FUCKING AWESOME, INSANE COVER !!! LEMMY would be proud of these guys

Author — Todd Springfield


brutal!! I love it. You are a group of pure rock. Alkistis L's voice is wonderful. thank you

Author — jorge M


Ve seen them at the open air festival in Alexandroupolis. They are simply amazing!!! Alkistis is awesome!!! Rock on guys!!!!

Author — NIkos Tsakiropoulos


Made my Day, Thanks for this awesome Cover, i love it so much!

Author — Fabian Rademacher


Lyrics of this scream...
Rock Out
Hear the music coming, loud as you can stand
You will never be the same again
Let the beat into you, let it turn you 'round
Let it be your best friend
You are the future, it's your time
You and you and you
Stay together, this is yours and mine
What we gonna do?
Rock out, rock out, rock out
Let it crush your fear
Rock out, rock out, rock out
And you can get it here
Here comes the bass, thunder in the guts
Rock 'til you can't stand
Now the guitar speaks, gonna drive you nuts
Power under your hand
You are the people, now you shine
You and you and you
Stay together, let me speak the line
What you gonna do?
Rock out, rock out, rock out
Let it crush your fear
Rock out, rock out, rock out
You can get it here
Rock out, rock out, with your cock out
Impress your lady friends
Rock out, rock out, rock out
'Til your life is at an end
No, no, no!

Author — Philippe Marrot


Lem wbe proud, cheers from CANADA, , great cover, well done

Author — snaggletooth 70


Aguante motorhead un gran saludo desde argentina

Author — andres torlucci


Wow amazing band Rock and roll is back

Author — Dale Lungley


Very lovable Greek lady channelling her inner Lemmy. What's not to like ? Cheers from Paris.

Author — Stefane Fermigier


Έλα ρε Θωμά άρχοντα 🤟🤟 πολύ δυνατό παίδες

Author — Aris Ioannou


Just amazing!.. i look for more information about this band and i don't find anything. Please someone could say where i can find it?

Author — David Samaniego


That bass guitar does things to my nether regions

Author — Broghai


The Femali Lemmy version.... Fantastic👏👏👏👏👏👏

Author — Santiago 13