Sean Hannity Forgot To Mention Something...

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Sean Hannity Forgot To Mention Something... 5

Late breaking news revealing Sean Hannity as Michael Cohen's secret client literally knocks Stephen off his feet.

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Stormy Daniels is a boss. She's brave and extraordinary. And she has soooo much more credibility than any of the Trump ilk. #TeamStormy

Author — m⳽. jⲇckaloᕈe .ʝ. joᖾnstoŋe


Republicans will talk about the "sanctity of marriage" while they cheat on their wives with strippers.

Author — Park Jimin


"When your Lawyer needs a lawyer, YOU need a Lawyer!" Awesome!

Author — M J



Author — Eugene Ax


The party of Christian values strikes again

Author — G- Field


MAGA... Making attorneys get attorneys...

Author — october moon


Now we know why Hannity was so concerned with Trump's attorney-client privilege 😂

Author — Tristan Neal


Watching Stephen in that chair gave me a sudden urge to climb into his lap (blush). He’s hot stuff 😛

Author — Former New Yorker


" Jon Stewart after the show I'm gonna come over n we're just gonna spoon "

Author — Hayfa Zlitni


You gotta find the radio show where Hannity complains that Owls have a leftest agenda. ..yes Owls...the birds...few years back.

Author — Wood y


You have got to feel sorry for writers of SNL and the Onion when any ridiculous fantasy piece they can cook up with is one-upped by actual news nowadays.

Author — aohige


What a Mic drop moment All these corrupt people in power saying other people are corrupt, are really the ones who are corrupt! It's like accusing you significant other of cheating when you've been sleeping with the whole bloody town while they were away on vacation! These and many other reasons are why I'm happy to be a Canadian!!!

Author — Gabrielle Darque


Sean Hannity is so gross. I actually used to listen to him back during my conservative phase, and even back then when I usually agreed with him, he was just repulsive. He’s so sanctimonious, self congratulatory, at times listening felt like watching one giant circle jerk. Like at least Rush Limbaugh would be funny at times, but Sean doesn’t even have that. The best thing that ever happened was one time when he saw someone random in fatigues going past his studio and invited them in to thank them for their military service, and it turned out to be an Iraq war vet who trashed Bush (during Bush era). Hilarious hearing him try to recover from that on live radio 😂

Author — Threadbare Threnody


Sweet merciful Christ. Just when I thought we'd reached the bottom of the Cohen Trump Fox rabbit hole, we find this out? I'm glad Colbert could make me laugh about anything so terrifying... but... yikes???

Author — CrystalCoyoteX



I’ve never seen Stephen so utterly delighted.

Author — Saturdays Child


"When your lawyer needs a lawyer, you need a lawyer." - Stephen Colbert

Author — CPA


In a surprise twist, the third mystery client turned out to be our very own Sean Hannity. We will have more on this breaking story with an exclusive interview as soon as Sean returns from his coffee break.

Author — Obi-Wan Kenobi


If Hannity says Cohen was NEVER his attorney, then Hannity can't in the very next breath exert Attorney/Client privilege !  If Hannity says Cohen never worked for him.... then Hannity is making the case for the government that Cohen is being investigated for criminal acts outside the scope of his employment as a lawyer.  If Hannity & Cohen were business partners, where does any "privacy" law come into play, as claimed by Hannity?  AND Finally, if Hannity insists he was never a client, then Cohen can't say he shouldn't have to reveal Hannity's name as his client. He was NEVER a client !!

Author — Pancho Villa


Sean Hannity client of Michael Cohen? This stuff writes itself

Author — Jason Blade


I would never want to play chess against Mueller. Or maybe I would to learn from a master. When he referred this part of the investigation to the district in New York, and thus Cohen under state jurisdiction, Trump will be unable to pardon his lawyer. Question is will Cohen ruin his career by going to jail, or ruin his career by cooperating with Mueller.

Author — WestOfEarth