WATCH: Bullets fly as robbers attack two cash-in-transit vans in Boksburg

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WATCH: Bullets fly as robbers attack two cash-in-transit vans in Boksburg 3
Five men have been arrested after allegedly blowing up two cash-in-transit vans and opening fire at security officers in Boksburg on Thursday morning.

Police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo said the incident happened after 9am on Atlas road.

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This is military. There is a "third column" element to these sorts of crimes. Assault Rifles, Explosives, sophisticated deployment/tactics, no fear of police(because they are not coming). This is organized.

Author — Grant Majoor


Criminals are better armed and trained than those meant to protect & serve. God help us all.

Author — Reine Baumann


next time don't let Micheal j fox hold the camera

Author — Brian Tracy


Where is a Sniper when you need one ...

Author — - BnQE -


Is this why Australia's government labelled us as uncivilized?

Author — AK-47 Kalashnikov


The police have arrested 5, well done police.

Author — Jonathan S


Jacques Pauw wrote about this in his book, The presidents keepers, organized crime has corrupt SAP behind them, also supplying weapons. These weapons are NOT Daysie guns, I smell a rat!

Author — King Mufasa


even if cops showed up they dont really stand a chance against these dudes

Author — Furio Tedeschi


Stop using these vans. Use something no outsiders know.

Author — Jeannie Van Biljon


Felt like I was playing a call of duty game

Author — Its_Emxly van der Meer


Good lord, this is scary...imagine being there

Author — Cwenga Zozo


Our beautiful country is still being ripped apart by savages. The sad part is how many people have come here defending what these people do. Not surprising though.

Author — james may


2 Armoured Trucks stopped in the middle of the road without a sign of a truck or even rocks blocking them... What did they stop for?

Author — -ZEN-


This is how the ANC funds its election campaign. The year before elections, there is always a increasing number of cash in transit heist.

Author — David Groenewald


Suspects caught less than a week later. Still no congratulations/kudos to the SAPS?

Author — Novastarr


Time to switch to digital currency, problem solved

Author — Pierre Marais


They good, well planned, excellent execution MARA very poor camera skills.

Author — Modise Zikode


I wish i was involved , now i would be roaming the street of Tembisa with lot of cash.

O modimo waka ontlogeletšeng?



Trump was correct about some Africa countries .... 378 heists in one year ...mmmm

Author — George Novell


This is the 3rd cash in transit robbery in the last 3 days. One along Ontdekkers in Florida/ Heldekruin. The other near Germiston on the highway.

Nice safe country we have here.

Author — Crazy Cat