Everything That's Come Out About Tom Petty Since He Died

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Tom Petty tragically died from an accidental drug overdose on October 2, 2017. The singer's death came as a shock for fans because he died just one week after the end of the Heartbreakers 40th Anniversary Tour.

Petty was the architect of countless hits, and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers were not the only bands he was a part of. Petty was also part of Mudcrutch and the supergroup the Traveling Wilburys. Since Petty’s death, there are many things that we learned about the legendary musician. In order to learn all that we can about him, we’ve made a video about everything that’s come out since Tom Petty died. R.I.P.

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What's the most interesting thing you've learned about Tom Petty in this video?

Author — Grunge


His music did and still does bring happiness to my life. Thank you Tom Petty.

Author — Weapons Education


Thankful that Tom turned out to be such a good guy. The only scandal being his love for maxwell house coffee.

Author — Jaylen Brown Fan


His passing was the hardest on me as a fan. He was so relatable and genuine to his fans. His words were honest oftentimes sarcastic and sorrowful and the guitar work was memorable as in you knew a Petty song when it hit the airwaves. His music meant so much to me that I cried on the day he died.

Author — David Imrie


He cared more about everyone else than he did for himself.

Author — Ben Vasilinda


I knew nothing fucked-up came out about Tom. Just wanted to make sure no one was hating on him.
RIP. He is so missed

Author — Bryan B


Absolute legend.

And on top of his tremendous body of work is The Travelling Wilburys.

Author — Digital Kulak


Tom Petty wrote the soundtrack of my life. RIP

Author — carla Sullivan


With just a few basic chords, an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, this dude wrote some of the most heart felt, timeless songs ever....no autotune, no TALENT.

Author — Edward Bishop


I never got to see Petty in concert. Missed my chance but am grateful for a'll his tunes ...thanks, Tom! ❤

Author — Sabrina Luna


Tom came from Gainsville in Florida. One of the greatest rock musicians and writers there ever was. We were all devastated by his sudden death. A true legend in every sense and so much class. RIP Tom

Author — brettplum


Tom performed with a broken hip in city after city for us fans. He will always be loved and his music lives on. RIP .WE MISS YOU T.P. 🌷💓

Author — Martha Stephens


I still can’t get over, that he died, his music means so much to me, he will be always missed

Author — Shaun 7799


“Everything That’s Come Out About Tom Petty Since He Died”
- Great guy
- Cared about his band, road crew, and fans more than his broken body.
- Loved some Maxwell House Coffee

Author — Steven In


We all miss him. So sad. What a guy. True showman.

Author — Jeffrey Foj


Every time one of his songs starts on the radio I say, "Man I miss Tom Petty." Even if I'm by myself. And then I proceed to sing along. Sure is too bad I never got to see him in person. RIP, Tom.

Author — Holly Chandler


Such a wonderful person, musician, artist. Who knew about this poor guys broken hip? What a trooper. Still sad about losing him. Miss you Tom.

Author — Anita Re'


How cool is that? A big famous rock star with a secret passion for the PERFECT cup of coffee. Definitely makes him human and shows what a down to earth dude he was.

Author — chrisput1024


I love how Annie Lennox, of all people, came to the rescue with clothes for his family when Petty's house burned down and he lost everything.

Author — Lawrence C


Sad story. Great musician. Sounds like he felt pressured to keep going when what he really needed was to slow down and take care of himself. If his health problems and pain had been addressed appropriately we would still have him today. Too much too fast is not the answer, folks.
RIP - thanks for the good times.

Author — Nancy Chace