A BRAND NEW ADVENTURE | Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Part 1

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A BRAND NEW ADVENTURE | Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Part 1 5
Uncharted is BACK and this time we step into the shoes of Chloe and her gal pal Nadine!

Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

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i love these it like watching a movie but with with a loud man child commentating over it

Author — faygo


Uncharted 6: The Escape from North Korea

Author — DevGamingChannel // DGC


Anyone else notice that Chloe said "Oh, crap." when the tree bridge fell? The catchphrase lives on!

Author — Awkward Enby


*Jack looks at landscape with rain* OOOOH! PRETTY!

*Jack looks at landscape that's being bombed with rain* SO MUCH PRETTIER!

Author — AweCraftBlox


Nathan Break
Chloe Fracture
Elena Fissure

Author — Ben Sostaric


I'm not Indian but I just love how this game is introducing a culture really really nice. I also love the detail so frickin much, it's beautiful!😄😄

Author — itselektraa


I love how after jack watches the city get bombed to hell he's just yelling about how beautiful it is. Wtf dude...

Author — MusicalHippos


Im so fucking excited for this
And i just finished watching uncharted 4

Author — Chomp Devil


Anyone else rewatching this series after seeing the last episode?

Edit:Now watching for the 3rd time after watching uncharted 4 again 😂

Author — Ashlynn


Pewdiepie: Barrels !!!!
Jacksepticeye: Crates !!!!

Author — Taha


"You'd feel all warm and fuzzy" yea jack staring at a war zone feeling all nice lol

Author — Keoni V


Play life is strange 2 before the storm

Author — Tumblr Xxx


you know, uncharted has come along way, I like that

Author — Breath of the jokester


Does anyone else find it strange/awesome that the game is called uncharted, but as you play you are charting the area?

Author — Non pc-pc gaming


"Nathan Break passes the torch to Collateral Chloe... it then crumbled & exploded" XD

Author — Symon Choveaux


Don't worry, I gushed over the details as well.

Author — Ochako Uraraka


Jack you gonna make us go deaf one day

Author — Antilover333


Claudia Black voiced the queen lady from Gazorpazorp in Rick and Morty

Author — BerriesAndBooks


What I love is that this game is full of Indian people, and I am an Indian fan of Jacksepticeye, it feels good to see your favorite YouTuber like, talk and all about your country

Author — Im dead inside


the naghty dog games are just flat out amazing

Author — nothingness