Sonic Forces: PLUS ULTRA

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Sonic Forces: PLUS ULTRA 5
Alpharad Plus JoSniffy go even further beyond (plus ultra) alongside @keelyclove for two and a half hours.

#SonicForces #Deku #Episode1

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Petition to rename the channel to Alpharad Plus Ultra

Author — miniZergling


You should add Keely more often. She has an interesting dynamic with you. Works for the show

Author — Gai


Alpha: "Also, when was the last time we saw Espio?"
Keely: "Sonic Heroes"
Jo: "Shadow the Hedgehog"

Sonic Generations: "Am I a joke to you?"

Author — Ryusei Hayashi


Alpha and Jo: "Woah its Infinite."
Keely, under her breath: "No, that's Mephiles"

Author — Wafflesforphanpy


I am a 14 year old straight guy but I will absolutely date jo for a bit.

Author — Omegaenderdragon Guardians of Minecraftia


dam, they really said “we should play sonic forces” and then played sonic forces

Author — mariobros612


Kid from 2006 : "What's your favorite part about Xehanort?"
Time Traveler : "Which one?"
Kid from 2006 : "Hol up"

Author — Sophisticated Banana


I feel like all three of them should be introduced to SnapCube's Real Time Fan Dub of Sonic Adventure 2

Author — Luck Out


You might still be able to refund this, the 2 hour policy isn't super strict.

Just aa thought

Author — RonaldMcJuicy


"america has to put the words because japanese cant spell"


Author — Sebastien Kennedy Inamoto


Jo: Doesn't read
Also Jo: Studying to be an English major

Author — Narwhal Chicken


NGL Knight of the Wind from sonic and the black knight is a banger

Author — Ten Lives Gaming


Wow, the macadamia hero is very popular around here

Author — Destructocorps


I'm glad they skipped the cutscenes so they didn't have to see the Tails character assassination.

Author — Carlos Faro


Yes, Hollow Knight and Minecraft would be cool series

Author — cristian jensen


Jo: my heart is very open

Also Jo: if u broke up with my gf with text to speech I would laugh

Author — Very Cool Person Named Henry


There are 3 equippable medals in sonic and the black knight that change the music, and the shadow medal changes the music to all hail shadow

Author — Doomphase


It's Deku's birthday today. I believe this is a big brain play from Alpharad and Joe. Good job guys.

Author — notlock1


Hey guys wouldn't it be funny if espio said "good grief"
(The joke is that Matt Mercer also voices jotaro kujo in the dub)

Author — waffle memez


Let’s go beyond plus Ultra and they should play shadow the hedgehog

Author — Mello Glenn