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Once again vurbmoto had a GoPro onboard Glenn Coldenhoff as he lined for MX2 Race 1 at the GP of Netherlands at Valkenswaard. He gets a good start, but it's a sand track and that means Jeffrey Herlings is likely to come past at any time...

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Nothing like riding at your peak and some some dude not only passes you but has enough energy/skill to look at you and Chuck the deuces in the air as he's doing it 😂😭 Savage 💯

Author — SSpecial Delivery


"That's the guy with the GoPro? Cool, watch this"

Author — Mike Hermo


Helmet Cam Tuesday: @glenncoldenhoff (get well soon) reminds us of Valkenswaard 2013 (+ how fast @JHerlings84 is) - Don't Mess with Jeffrey Herlings - vurbmoto

Author — vurbmoto


If it's on go-pro and it looks like they're hauling ass, you know they're flying lol

Author — DoctorMotorcycle


I felt every ounce of roost coming at my screen. Dang. I often don’t think of roost until I watched Ricky Carmichael’s come from last place to top 3 race. He took a ton of roost to get back to the front pack, but rode in such a way to minimize the amount as much as possible while running out of tear offs!

Author — BW T


4:06 I've now realised after 7 years that he is pulling a tear off

Author — MVRC


Look how much Lower he stayed while passing him at the end. Perfect scrub form

Author — Luke Kidd


I can watch this shit all day. I miss my bike so much.

Author — Ryan Sorrell


you know you're going fast when the video looks sped up!

Author — Andrew Sanders


That finish line look back was so cool!

Author — faze envy


Best race this year! I was there watching it

Author — Round One Marketing


yes, he looked like he was saying, see me flying by, hahaha gotjah

Author — Leon


Teammates, best friend just say hi when racing while playing n said good job bru

Author — Febrian Agung


listen to that thing bang off rev limiter!!

Author — Greg Roshon


i dont follow mxgp but it has proven to have fast riders so thats cool

Author — Jason Nemitz


3:15 is one of the best passes ive seen in a while. committed!

Author — Tim Walker


I love these old school Euro tracks. About the racing not the waiting for a crash

Author — Defcon Supply


Yeayah gettin it! That was fun just watching that!

Author — Rick McKee


I would buy Herlings an GoPro if he would promise to upload all races to YouTube! :) Great race! Adrenaline pumping just to watch the start!

Author — jensenyo


Great onboard, nice take over, you cant see how difficult this is. nice one :)

Author — Leon Bold