Coleman Hughes on The Impact of Critical Race Theory in Schools with Christopher Rufo

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This is an excerpt of my conversation with Christopher Rufo.

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It is so depressing seeing kids programmed to view their racial, gender, etc identities before anything else and for some of them with less melanin in their skin to feel bad about themselves for traits they had no choice in. Also, other kids learn to dislike them based on this.

Author — Dave L


CRT isn't being taught in K-12, it's being applied in K-12 schools. That is far worse than teaching about it.

Author — Steel Heron


Well done! Sadly, parts of CRT has been co-opted and spread even to Singapore.

Author — Udon Jijiwaiwai


There is no law in Arizona that says Critical Race Theory (CRT) cannot be taught. The law in question, ARS15-717.02, has seven core anti-racist tenets. The law, less than 1 page long and paraphrased below, states the following. In Arizona, students cannot be taught that: 1) one race, ethnicity or sex is inherently morally or intellectually superior to another, 2) one's race is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive whether consciously or not, 3) it is acceptable to discriminate against another due to their race, ethnicity or sex, 4) their moral character is determined by their race, 5) their race or sex makes them responsible for the historical actions of others, 6) they should feel guilt or anguish due to their race or sex, 7) achievement, meritocracy, or a hard work ethic are racist.
Read the law again. If someone were to teach any of the above concepts, they’d be teaching racism and the law allows for their removal. Why are the teacher’s unions, academics, liberal elites and the Biden administration upset about this law? Do they want to teach racist attitudes?

Author — Neil Barrett


In a BEd program. I was asked to do this Intersectionality project to define my personality. I was also told it could be morphed to be used in our classrooms later. I'm studying to be a K to 3 teacher.
I told my teacher that this kind of deep dive into identity is something best left for mental health professionals.

Author — Scott Meech


How on earth does Coleman only have 90k subscribers after years of coming out with incredible thought-provoking content?

Author — Because Reasons


Difference between 'teaching X' and 'teaching about X' is crucial.

Author — Paul Booth


I think that's an excellent idea. Forbid the teaching of racial discrimination, or that anyone bears responsibility for the actions of others of their race, sex, or religion. There is room for teaching different ideas on how much anti-Black racism affects American Blacks. At the least, force the anti-racists to expose just how racist they are.

Author — Barry On


Every parent in districts in which this is being taught needs to sue the school district.

Author — Meg Garbincus


5:05 I'm not from the US but wasn't this exact practice banned in 1964 with the Civil Rights Act? How are they now having to ban segregation and race-based discrimination again?! I'm very confused.

Author — WaaDoku 【和ァ独】


It would help to understand and agree to what is meant by 'education' and 'schooling'.

Author — Tim Bugge


What a perfect guest to have on to return some sanity to the conversation after the vacuous white noise of Ezra Klein and David Hogg.

Author — Sam Hand


My only comment here Colman is that you buried the lead at the end of this 10min clip. The important information on what is being taught and the age of those it's being taught to is all in minute 7-9. I want to pass some of this information on to friends of mine who are still ignorant of the issue and when they hear anything critical of "CRT" they immediately go to their political corners. What would be really helpful are shorter clips that focus direction on the issue that can be used to help get those people who need to hear this information interested in at least trying to listen.

Author — Greg Nersesian


Tell me this isn't a new state mandated political religion.

Author — Stop the Philosophical Zombies


i always find the "creationism" argument amusing. there wouldn't be any room for other subjects if schools taught every single creation story. usually creationism simply means "my religious belief, " and nothing more.

Author — The Virtual Jonathan


We need the ACTUAL paper or electronic copies of these school activities that Christopher talks about here. Document, document, document.

Author — mlovmo


Coleman, I'm with you on the big picture, but to say that there is "no evidence" for "creationism" is false. In the scientific community, this theory is referred to as "intelligent design" or "I.D." for short and there are rigorous arguments for it, most of which are outlined in the excellent book Icons of Evolution. I recommend checking it out, I believe you will find it thought provoking at the very least.

Author — C F


Love Coleman (I'll continue listening to him) but I do take issue with his statement of "Knowing" that "creationism" (the idea that a Source outside of the 'known' universe) is not true.

Author — Donovan Kelly


I feel like I'm watching the last days of the roman empire.

Author — Winston Smith


The hobgoblin of Consensus science.. "Why 100 authors? If I were wrong, then one would have been enough!" - Albert Einstein