Funny Coincidences That Are Unbelievable

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Funny Coincidences That Are Unbelievable 5

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My moms birth mark is in her eye, she was born with 11 fingers, and she can move her ears.

*My mom isn’t human*

Author — Sweet_Smiles


I have a coincidence like this:

One of the teachers at my primary school was called Carol Keegan

My cousin (Carol) then started a relationship with a guy named Keegan

Author — 25andtheviper 25andtheviper


8:33 are suposed to be harry, ron and hermione, but i see Ed Sheeran 😂

Author — Estela Martí Ramos


Okay so a coincidence happen to me

My dad with me and my mom was riding a taxi, then the taxi driver was my dads old Highschool friend.

Author — Jazwareser


0:40 deserves the lottery like if you think so

Author — Ying Yang


Two years ago I found a ID on the floor of my school of a random girl in the same grade as me. I brought it home to keep. So two years later I was using my I pad and I got the memory of it. I looked for it and again and I was shocked. It was one of my new classmates.

Author — c p


8:34 look it’s, [read every other comment]

Author — PurpleOctopus56


Coincidence: Saad Maan being a sad man in news 😂😂😂

Author — Jade Rom Lucero


6:03 Green meteorite. Nah its just The Legendary Super Saiyan

Author — Hawkeye


3:41 the bird was like it's me


Author — Kimberlyyy


Is anyone scrolling down the comments and not even watching the Vid? Anyone??

OMFG- okay- 1.5k likes? And it was posted a year ago- okay- Thankssss

Author — Jesslyn Shepherd


Oh god I accidentally just rubbed lotion into my eye while watching this and it hurts

Author — Kaitlyn Vdw


6:37 Translation:
*"Hey, want to take a job of a dead person?"* 😂 -Anouk (the Netherlands) Edit: Just noticed, the date is my b-day (February 6)

Author — Steven Edelbroek


11:49 So we're just going to ignore the fact that each one of these dishes on the menu has prices in the $100's???

Edit: apparently the prices aren't in dollars, that explains it

Author — Portalcuber


8:30 Edd Sheeran, Hermione and Nerd version of Harry Potter!
What are the odds?

Author — Arosfa Gaming


“I dropped a plate on accident”

Ah yes, the floor here is made out of floor

Author — Juliet Penley


8:19 hey free wifi what a coincidence ;)

Author — Zypher


6:26 I’ve seen that in real life it’s at the war memorial in Canberra Australia

Author — Jake


8:30 what about Ginny on the second to last row 😂

Author — Ari xxx


3:27 - I once got a fortune that said, and I quote “Promote literacy! Buy a box of fortune cookies today!” AN ADD! 😭😭😭

Author — Laura Kimmel