How to Use Vise Grips

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Vise grips, also called locking pliers, are hand held clamps that are shaped like pliers. They’re very useful in situations where you need to hold something in place for a long time, grip something that’s in an awkward position, or grab onto something without any obvious gripping features. In this video, We'll show you how to use them.

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Who else is here because they grew up without a father to teach you simple things like this? ✋

Author — meme_ king65


Just seeing if I was using them the best way, turns out I wasn't 😂

Author — Wyatt Cerri


Alright, I got it now... basically the problem was that I’m weak. 😓😭

Author — ᗩᒪIYᗩᕼ


Thanks for this great and simple tutorial. I am a piano rebuilder in training and I need this information to install replacement strings. Thank you!

Author — Julie Cipolla


Managed to replace my kitchen faucet valve that was welded tight with mineral deposits. I had this tool but had no idea how to use it properly. Thanks for showing me how to make it do the job!

Author — Library Cool


Did you also know that the inner parts of the jaws have a wire cutter or could even cut thinner bolts. Take a close look. One side is flat, the other side has a ridged cutting edge. The jaws are at their strongest leverage here so they do a really good job of cutting.

Author — Roy Evans


the grips have more bite of used in the opposite direction than shown

Author — bobbysenterprises


My husband sent this video to me, to make fun of me

Author — Theresa Marie


It's spelled VISE. Just trying to help

Author — Luke Oleary