Riding In Mike Finnegan's 11.7 Liter Twin Turbo BIG BLOCK Jet Boat!!! (Nearly 2,000 Horsepower)

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Riding In Mike Finnegan's 11.7 Liter Twin Turbo BIG BLOCK Jet Boat!!! (Nearly 2,000 Horsepower) 5

Shout out to Mike Finnegan for taking us out on the lake! Stay tuned for Hovercraft Shenanigans
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United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...

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YouTube just doesn’t get any better than Cleet and Fin together.

Author — Matthew VanEpps


About as safe as running a 3000HP Model T on a narrow dirt road in the mountains.

Author — Aristotle


I was afraid his mullet was going to be sucked into one of the turbos.

Author — Calthecool


Whoever reads this: May God make your parents live long to see you succeed.😇

Author — Acabadz TV


"New this season on ESPN-2...Cleetus Drives Everything"

Author — themetal


The only episode were Cleeter is actually scared. Lol.
Edit: Thanks for the likes. The most ever

Author — Michael Locklear


The 'fuel efficient' engine in our current family boat will not survive if I see any more of this content...

Author — Carson


That boy was seriously scared. And I'm not surprised - that boat is the ultimate antisocial

Author — Alex Brown


Finn is so used to high speed, He automatically covers the side of his face when he turns his head to ty he side, to keep his glasses from flying off.

Author — doliio volay


I would've expected the "save me now" button to be slightly larger and harder to miss.

Author — 8literbeater


The life jackets are so your widows can find your bodies.

Author — AP


If you have ever been in a really fast boat, you'll know why he looked so scared! In a boat 50mph feels like you're going100!

Author — Mister Kyser


You know men are doing dangerous shit when they laugh...we could die but this sure is going to be fun! Love it!

Author — Masterdave Edwards


This man was just like: hey, you know what would be a good idea? Putting almost 2000 horse power on a boat.

Author — Kami Nelson


"I don't care about having 3000 horsepower, I want 2000 NOW."

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

Author — Rico Reyes


Love that 'Ol Cleeter and Finnegan are buddies.

Author — Robert Hull


The fact that he keeps telling you to get one is bc he wants you to go out on the water with him more bro. He needs comp

Author — Alex Scott


Feels like this thing wants so so badly to be a hydroplane boat, it would be safer right?

Author — OvAeons


"i wasn't holding the wheel straight"

Proceeds to still not hold the wheel straight.

Author — Wright Marshall


Imagine wakeboarding or waterskiing on this beast... RIP

Author — Elevate Higher LV8