Smart Robot Toys Threeking Gesture Control & Remote Control Robot Gift

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Budget friendly robot!

The robot dances, plays music, it moves forward and backwards, right and left. The robot comes with a remote control that takes 2- AA batteries; you can operate the robot by the remote control or just turn in on and let it to its thing. When first opening the robot is ready to go turn it on and let it go. It introduces itself and says let’s dance and listen to music. You can program the robot to commands but I haven’t done that I’m going to leave it to her and her parents since this is a gift.
It does come with a charger but it came charged and ready to go. The robot has a built in obstacle avoidance sensor and has a gesture sensor as well.
I’m so glad that I was able to find this unique toy for such a great price!!!!

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Hi, pls can an anyone tell me what the type of USB cable that comes with the robot as charger is called ? Ours got broke and I am trying to get a replacement USB cable for it .