Beyonce sings at Kobe & Gia Bryant memorial: full video

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Beyonce sings at Kobe & Gia Bryant memorial: full video 5
Entertainment superstar Beyonce began the memorial for Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, during a tribute held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
Beyonce sang two songs, including 'Halo,' during her tribute. Both Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, were close friends of the Bryant family.

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Did anyone notice how she changed the lyric from crashing to laughing . The lyric usually says crashing into you, but today she said laughing into you . Well done Bey

Автор — Ashley Jackson


I can’t imagine trying to talk, let alone sing, at my friends memorial.

Автор — Kristina Kay


She held back those tears, you can tell she is so hurt by the loss if her dear sad

Автор — Niicole Gee


If she sang “I was here”

RIP to everyone that was in the helicopter

Автор — JD D


I love how she downplayed the vocals to showcase the moment and emotion instead of herself, cause believe me, Bey can tear a house down with those amazing pipes. She went for a subtle but heartfelt tribute!

Автор — Giuliana CR



Автор — Jolliebearfor Christ


She just took everyone to a black southern baptist church!!

Автор — Hope Noelle


if bey said this was dear Kobe's favourite song, , imagine how Vanessa imagined Kobe singing it to her, hugging to her in the darkest of nights, knowing there is comfort with every touch of embrace he gives.

For Kobe, Vanessa will stay strong, stay proud baby 🧡 thank you Kobe

Автор — issuen.


Beyonce looks like she would smell like some type of good smelling perfume or body spray.

Автор — Sidney Deane


This is so incredibly sad. Beyond words sad. When I think about Gianna it's nightmarish. Kobi was young, but his baby was only a breath old.

Автор — Carmen Munoz


She did Kobe and Gianna justice! ❤️ i want to make people’s day like her one day 😩

Автор — angelisa Sings


I met Kobe and his beautiful family in 2013 at the staples center at Beyonce concert during the BET EXPERIENCE. Such a nice guy. He knows how much he was loved by the fans. Of course we all know Kobe is a legend and he could have easily sat anywhere he wanted to but he came and sat right with the fans and he also had a bodyguard with him. I was fortunate enough to get him shaking my hand on video and also have a few pictures of him and his family. It's just very sad that's he gone so soon. This still doesn't seem real. May God bless his family as well as the families of the others that passed away.

Автор — Trooper Burgess


*Looks at Vanessa *
“Nobody sees what we see”💔😔
That part hit different!

Автор — A and T nation


The backup singers sounded amazing I got chills

Автор — Yenifer De Allie


This actually sent chills through my body

Автор — MDZ25


I must admit... when she performed Halo, I nearly lost it. I’ve always liked that song . Today was the *BEST* version I’ve heard and certainly most heartfelt. 💕 That choir though! They were on point!

Автор — Pearly


Prayers for Vanessa, their girls and let’s not forget his parents whom are to be honored. God encamp around their entire family.

Автор — Joel 2:25-30 Let It Rain!


She look like the Queen's of Queen's. Elegance and class at it's finest.

Автор — BugsB Fats


God keep these families, please comfort them.

Автор — Gina


When She sang : "We Don't Have Forever... " 02:28
I FELT That In My Soul. 💜💛

Автор — Lola N