Jim Cramer: Tesla's financials are 'as clean as can be,' it's doing incredibly well

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Jim Cramer: Tesla's financials are 'as clean as can be,' it's doing incredibly well 5

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Cramer goes against the system that employs him...

Author — gareth5000


Invidia stock is over 500. Tesla built a better chip and hardware. Ford assembles cars. Tesla make its own everything, including assembling. Tesla sells AND services its vehicles, GLOBALLY. What is the combined wealth of the dealer networks? Tesla sells fuel for its vehicles. What is the net worth of the same number of gas stations??
Tesla builds its own motors, controllers, and soon, battery cells.Tesla is years ahead of the pack in self driving, and manufacturing, is pouring money into investments like factories. Tesla is an energy company into solar and grid scale storage. what has gm or Nvidia, or ford have? how do you analyze a company like that? You don't, you just buy the stock and hang on!

Author — vic garbutt


Tesla bears remind me of the Apple bears when iPod and iPhone were released. Apple was so revolutionary that conventional thinkers couldn't get their minds around it. Tesla is Apple on steroids, the disruption of several trillion $$ industries.

Author — D S


I'm gonna sell my sister and buy more Tesla stocks! :-)

Author — L. S.


Ill never buy/get ripped off by ford or chevy

Author — jon schmid


The world is transitioning to electric mobility and Tesla is the dominate leader.

Author — danny abe


I’m gonna sell my cousin and buy more shares

Author — Donald J. Trump


Cramer is such a bull, but his arguments are so incoherent hahaha. <3 Cramer

Author — Xepa777


Going through an Incredibly gigantic and expensive growth phase with financials like this? I'm surprised there are still bears. Human beings are like this though. It's a psychological thing where it's easier to be fooled than to be convinced you were fooled. Im not sure who fooled the Tesla shorts and bears, but they're beyond convincing at this point.

Impressive FSD beta release Tesla!!! Keep perfecting that FSD technology. We're almost there!

Author — xLift Nrutasder


Wasn't Cramer a Tesla hater not long ago.

Author — Wyoming Vet


almost like you went to school and learned about technology instead of how to throw paper.

Author — John G


Long story Tesla and go to sleep woke up a months or two later. Then go to a lambo dealer

Author — Jihad H


Great upload till you put shep's face on at the end and it talked.

Author — Tom Crouchman


Cody Ko strikes again with Frictionless execution

Author — Denis The Menace


Watch this at 0.5x speed and pretend you're at a bar with Jim. Especially starting around 0:37 and 0:54

Author — CodeMonkeyCharlie


this was interesting. always liked cramer.

Author — Jubach


In order to make profits in the stock market, one has to have a good strategy and proper knowledge of how the holders manipulate the market.

Author — Benjamin Lucas


FSD, FSD, FSD if this beta version works out its Tesla to 2 trillion

Author — Dave RockinTesla


People making sense at CNBC? I'm confused.

Author — Eddy Fisico


But u said tesla is not a long term investment a long time ago 😂

Author — Panther Black