EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Video Captures Locals EXPOSING Who Killed Nipsey Hussle & His Name

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EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Video Captures Locals EXPOSING Who Killed Nipsey Hussle & His Name 4

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The Bible tells us a man's enemies are the members of his own household. Lesson in life. #RIPNIPSEY

Автор — June



Автор — P Nutbutta


Your voiceover ruined your so called evidence 🤦🏾 coulda just told us and let us decide to take your word for it. Smh where's the real video you did all that P Diddying to claim the original.

Автор — Pretty Poised Productions


Duuuude!!! The All Viral Access, is not required during your videos!!!

Автор — I Am God's Child


His living wasn't in vain.He did so much in 33 yrs that most won't ever accomplish.He touched the masses!!

Автор — Kim Bfree


Boosie bad ass said you gotta leave your hood wen you're popin cus you're eventually gon get killed

Автор — Young Kroniic


The best line in Spike Lee’s do the right thing was from Da Mayer 👴🏾
“Those that’ll tell Don’t know, and those that know, won’t tell.”

Автор — Candie P


Ermias is African in origin and his name means = SENT BY GOD

What a beautiful powerful meaning for such a strong, loving, spiritually- gifted black man. My prayers are with his friends, family and city at this time. This is a senseless wicked murder killed by a envious-jealous hearted Judas smh 🙏👑😢🌹🙏👑😭🌷

Автор — Shandon Simmons


Yo voice over SUCKS! ....BUT overall this the best footage on the story I seen so far so hey respect.

Автор — SaB Junior


Every revolutionary has been betrayed by a Judas

Автор — kandacegunter


soon as they start talking Mike's voiceover comes in and you can't hear what's being said wtf bro. Your watermark was enough no?

Автор — kutty cards


Doesn't make sense that he will kill him cause he him to leave his spot. Sounds like he was used by the police to kill Nipsey that's why he snitched and that was the terms of deal with the police. They will use your own to take you out. Not everything is as it seems.

Автор — Darin Cox


I kept saying how did this person know he was at the store? I mean granted its his store, but come on now. This was calculated, premeditated, and set up!

Автор — Cher0kee


Dear Lord I'm sick and my heart is 💔... Lauren my heart goes out to you and and your children.... I am so sorry for your loss sweetheart🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Автор — Truth Spoken


RIP NIPSEY HUSSLE... feels like I lost another one of my homeboys...

Автор — Rafael Barraza


If we really want to honor Nipsey don’t just play his music. Live by the best examples he was trying to give people. Change yourself for the better, better your community. Finish that documentary. Continue to exist and fight back. Peace & Respect.

Автор — All Eye Publishing


Fam the voice over was taking away from the conversation. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Автор — Byron Edmond II


So this guy was basically mad at the set, and 2 get revenge he chose 2 kill someone that the set held in the highest regards..

Автор — majwho


Didn’t hear SH#TE because of that voiceover “ViralAccess” 🙄

Автор — tonshmar


This excellent mans death struck me hard like i knew him personally. Triggered my anxiety and all true sadness r.i.p. nipsey!

Автор — Oliver Walker!!