Can't Get it Out of My Head

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Can't Get it Out of My Head 5
Can't Get it Out of My Head by ELO please comment on what ELO songs I should do next I upload one every week. See my playlist for more ELO songs.

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one of the most underrated bands of all time.. never got the credit they deserved.. jeff lynne - genius

Author — Brad Query


ELO to me is like the sound of symphony classic rock...they had a one of a kind sound.

Author — jn wd


John Lennon called ELO "Beatles Junior." He went on to admit that ELO did things that The Beatles never had. This is a beautiful love song, but as the last verses make clear, it's not love of any one person - it's love, period, in the heart and the soul of the singer:

"Bank job, in the city, yeah
Robin Hood and Ivanhoe, William Tell and Lancelot
they don't envy me, no
sitting til the sun goes down
in dreams the world keeps turning round and round"

Just an everyday love song. I'll never be tired of it.

Author — Timothy Peterson


This is just like going back to a younger me time. It was a time full of what could be possible in my life! To those that are still young enough to make a difference, Go For It!

Author — ShineOnJesus


This is a great song, only one problem, I just can't get it out of me head! 

Author — BK007


Born in 1946, grew up and old with this, I will never get it out of my head.

Author — David Scott


In 1978, I would put a copy of ELO New World Record, and Kansas' Point of No Return on my parent's turntable. Remember how you could stack 2 or 3 albums in the spindle and they would drop one at a time and play. Well, I set it up with side 1 and side 1 up, listen to them all the way through, then flip both disks over together, and play side 2 of each. That was how I did my home work for a full school year...those albums over and over. Only time I ever enjoyed homework!

Author — SirGalaEd


Unmistakeable ELO unique sound that is magnificent to the head, ears & soul.

Author — Tango Bango


ELO never got the credit they deserved..this is so incredibly beautiful.

Author — Patricia Ramby


One of the greatest songs
Ever recorded ❤

Author — Benita Ann Hatfield


Jeff LYNNE is my life time's Mozart
he unites

Author — Harold Mackie


Thanks for this. I am back in my twenties in my mind. Sadly my body hasn`t followed!! What a genius Jeff Lynne is.

Author — Kathryn Rimmington


im 9 years old and this is my 2nd favorite song! my #1 favorite is wild west hero.elo is my favorite band, i could sit and listen to their songs for hours!

Author — Shelby Brooks


danced with my dream wife, and this had just come out, then i lost her, and i have never forgotten her

Author — Frank Connelly


ELO has the most haunting melodic refrains- you cant get them out of your head

Author — flatsfishingonline


Great music never sounds dated. That's when you know it's great music.

Author — Frank Boyle


I can't get this song out of my head. 

Author — Reverend Greasehound


And yet Jeff Lynne joined George Harrison to make "The Travelling Willburys" so a bit of "The Beatles" v's "ELO" - perfect :)

Author — cathy yates


Definitely one of the best songs of all time. Pay attention young generation, this is how it is done.

Author — Gregory Edwards


this song melts me every time i listen, it's kind of a semi self hypnotic state and there have been times when i came close to an out of body experience, it's truly magical and i get these shivers of joy and happiness, thanx very kindly elo for the trip!!

Author — timothy carrigan