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SANTA Beany | Christmas Special | Mr Bean Full Episodes | Mr Bean Official 4.5

It's beginning to look like Christmas for Mr Bean!

Stay tuned:

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💬 Comments on the video

This type of guy was not easily born in every generation we are very lucky to see in our childhood

Author — Miral Soni


He taught us a big lesson of life
Always be happy and enjoy your own company rather tha expecting someone else to make us happy Thankyou sir thankyou very much

Author — Shubham Kamble


He made himself happy. I think there's a lesson in that.

Author — Debraj Rudra


i didn’t laugh when he sent himself mail ....

it was sad 😔

Author — Lorénzo Richards


Let's see, how many people are watching in September 2020.

Author — Pls HeLP Me reach 1299 SUBscribers


1993 omg 27 years ago.
Everything was very simple and beautiful

Author — Rozhin Biouki


He taught us how to paint a room in seconds 😂🤣

Author — Annamalai


Mr bean really had lots of sad parts that we couldn't understand, he is so lonely but positive.

Author — thh ajdjfkfkgkvkv


10 year old me* .. that's so funny...😅
21 year old me* it's so emotional 🙂

Author — krishan joshi


We couldn't forgot him unless his memories alives for more than a billion year.

Author — Sai Dharshan


I watch this every year to get in the right Christmas mood :)

Author — Fredrik Hulbekkmo


I used to watch him as a kid, seeing these episodes after such a long time still I can't stop my Master's degree in electrical engineering, saving a plane from crashing Yet he made us all laugh without saying a single word.... Hats off to him

Author — Vashishth Iyer


Dislikers don't know how to laugh and comedy

Author — Yatin kaswan


How would she expect someone who lives in a one room apartment to buy her a huge diamond ring that thing look extremely expensive

Author — hairless Dog · 20 years ago


Merry Christmas this 2020 after this Covid-19 pandemic

Author — David Pantig


I used to laugh at the door scene in my childhood but I cry at this moment Bcoz we all know how lonely we are

Author — sri hari


He is alone he has everything that a person want to live his life happily

Author — Sumit Singh


as a child we laugh a lot on him but now i feel how lonely he is and enjoying his own company 💔

Author — Nitesh Mahey


Mr bean taught us how to be happy even we are alone

Author — thrisur Souparnica


Its shows how mr. Bean's character changes with the child growing older. It changes the perspective of seeing life. Like when i used to watch him as a child, i was like 7-10 years old..and i truly enjoyed his action no matter how sad they was like mr. Bean and i were of same age. But getting older and experienceing every way makes me think his side of life. Its like i have grown older than him and i am worrying about every freakin thing. But on the other sider. Bean still enjoying his own company no matter how lonely and sad he is. He is living his life at the fullest.
I love you Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson). You are a legend.

Author — Subhendu Dhar choudhuri