How to make an attractive, modern looking Ottoman out of an old tire and rope

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How to make an attractive, modern looking Ottoman out of an old tire and rope 4.5

How to make an attractive, modern looking Ottoman out of an old tire and rope.

For detailed written instructions on this project, go to our website and the blog post here.

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Omg 👍🏻this is absolutely beautiful, so neat. You are very talented, going to make lots of these to put around the house.
Thankyou for sharing.

Author — Yasmin Ajaib


Perfect for patios and California living Durable and you recycled beautifully

Author — Carletta Goodrich Mann


Amazing, love it, U R incredible. Thanks

Author — Marlene Larose


very original! As I was watching I was worried you were going to get the glue on you rug? :)

Author — jrsbjs2


Wow! This is impressive! Thanks for sharing this, I'm going to make one of these tomorrow!

Author — Robby B


Looks great! I was wondering how it’s held up years after if just hot gluing the plywood was enough support?

Author — Christina Nunez


Great job and I love the music playing in the background!

Author — A Butterfly in Christ Una Mariposa en Cristo


Olá boa noite amei o seu trabalho parabéns vou fazer obrigado por compartilhar conosco bjs

Author — Marilda Mendonça


Só pra enfeitar, na primeira vez que sentar desmonta tudo, cola quente não segura no pneu, ele é flexível.

Author — Sérgio Oliveira


I love this beautiful creation and I'm most definitely going to try it

Author — Gladys McCoy


Question: does it smell like rubber? I honestly cannot stand the smell of rubber and tires (bad migraine and nausea). Other that it does look gorgeous! Great job

Author — Drake Drones


This is so creative!! I am going to try it!

Author — Shayla Rawson


Can I say it's beautiful gonna make me some for my patio ❤....thank you for the tutorial ☺

Author — Pamela Robinson


This looks fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

Author — Let's Do English


Will the adhesion of glue gun sufficient to keep the ropes attached for long time. Won't it come off ?

Author — Pritam Jena


Parabéns ficou show 👏👏 Deus abençoe sempre 🙌😘💕

Author — Espedita Ribeiro


Can you put in description the glue you used and the jute rope details also the catdboard details.this is amazing

Author — Navya sree


How long did it take you to glue the rope around the tire? Looks like a long time

Author — butter pecan


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so I’m pretty handy when it comes to this sort of stuff.
Hope you have a happy and prosperous New Year in 2018 🎊🌺

Author — Natasha Green - Chillaxed Products


I love this, can you put wooden legs underneath? like maybe the wide square legs to give it more stability?

Author — Tuesday Grey