Wewe Ni Mkuu (Live) - Sounds Of Grace | EllyJoh (Official Music Video)

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Official Music Video for "Wewe Ni Mkuu" by Sounds Of Grace | EllyJoh

"Freedom By Grace" album is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all streaming platforms!

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Wewe ni Mkuu mahali hapa
Wewe ni Mkuu mahali hapa
Wewe ni Mkuu mahali hapa
Wewe ni Mkuu mahali hapa

Pesa zangu chini uinuliwe
Akili zangu chini uinuliwe
Cheo changu chini uinuliwe
Kila kitu chini uinuliwe

Umetamalaki have your way
Mahali hapa uinuliwe
Umetamalaki have your way!

Eeh eeh eeh eeh
Eeh eeh, hakuna kama Yesu

Utakalo lifanyike
Utakalo lifanyike
Utakalo lifanyike
Wewe ni Bwana, Wewe waweza


Special thanks to:

Action Music Academy (Baraka Issabu) - Recording Venue
Sound Solution International (Moses Edrad) - Music Instruments & Rehearsing Venue
Audax (EllyJoh) - Lighting
Director Masai - Video Filming & Editing
Nazer & Eddy - Video Color Mixing
Joe360 Designs (Joseph Emanuel) - Graphic Designing
Gadi SoundLive (Gadi Junior) - Sound Engineering & Audio Capturing
Mujwahuki Entertainment (Inocent Mujwahuki) - Audio Mixing & Mastering

Written by EllyJoh
©2021 Music by Distrokid

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Powerful 🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥
Kila kitu chini uinuliwee Yesu🙌🙌

Author — @suzelia


​I love the Umetamalaki have your way part so simple yet so deep! The rhyme blesses me too!

Author — @yohanamayenga


All glory to the Most High. Above all else may he be exalted

Author — @terilove1