The Last Outpost | Witness | آخری چوکی | گواہ

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The Last Outpost | Witness | آخری چوکی | گواہ 4.5

A remote army outpost at the Afghan-Pakistan border affords an insight into the lives of Afghan soldiers and the US trainers trying to equip them to defend their country. An extraordinarily intimate portrait of the realities of modern warfare and a rare insight into the beliefs and motivations of Afghan soldiers, civilians and Taliban supporters alike.

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13:37 I am dead from laughing. Aghan soldier from his Captain : who’s shooting ? Captain: it’s Americans. . Soldier: why’r they shooting ? It’s pointless. There’r firing in our direction. 😂

Author — Wildlife Natural


Mustafa is still alive because hes a double agent.

Author — billi the kid


His eyes and ears probably will be on the ground when the talitubb’s. get hold of him

Author — Tony Baggo


sometimes in life your biggest enemy is wearing the uniform of a friend...that's sad he was killed 2 days before going home

Author — Cass



"The battle finished ages ago they (amerikans) started firing now, "

Author — chapters in minutes


battle end age ago, and they start shooting now. :(

Author — duke tulip


This ANA guy is Sayin the US failed to take the taliban threat serious. Lol I think The ANA and Afghanistan 🇦🇫 failed to take the taliban threat serious

Author — Jay Santana5538


Like they couldn't identify that guy from his clothes and hair. He only owns that one outfit.

Author — Lankey Bastard


Loss of brother Lance Corporal Austin in Quan Tri, Vietnam causes me to pray for you guys. Please be safe.

Author — Michael Joseph


Afghan soldier:”The battle finish ages ago and the US troops are shooting now”.

Author — Sardar Waqar


What a sad story... Kid had a severe case of PTSD, that wasn't pure home sickness.. And he snapped... Too bad he didn't kill himself but instead decided to turn his AK to his fellow soldiers.. He was simply not made to be a soldier.. He would have never passed the first psychiatric evaluation in any military. Sadly he couldn't take it..

Author — Mark Brisec


That afghan fighters call with the Taliban lmao that was awesome

Author — Adam Chingshong


6:20 this guy is ISIL top leader now wouldn’t think anything but closest people worst enemy

Author — Wowzer Aka Bad Habits


Classic. They have a guy that’s obviously Taliban crossing in from Pakistan and they don’t have anything to detain him.

Author — jr132


they dont do good hiding musafah idenity just look at his hair and clothes/ truck so easy to spot..

Author — jared


When I was a kid they would show these same kind of documentaries on tv about Vietnam...and how American soilders were making a difference there...look how well that worked out...the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over with the same results...

Author — rippy van allen


It's 2019 and it's been 3 years since taliban have been vanished from North and south say that about 2000 to 4000 taliban fighters ran away and still living freely into Afghanistan, s province khost. north and south wazirastan are very safer than is building a fence around Afghanistan Pakistan border and building forts as check posts to stop America and Afghanistan can't become scapegoat for making propaganda against Pakistan. been 18 years and still Americans have not sealed the Pakistan did seal the is economically very should ask to their

Author — Humayun Mumtaz


Ok did they just have a casual conversation complete with laughter and goodbyes 🤔

Author — Mike Jay


Never Win ... when a free base across the border for R & R ... beat them down they'll leave to rest and get ready for another day ... same-same as Vietnam ...

Author — David Blackwelder


Its funny how every squad out on patrol thinks of themselves as elite whether they are or not. Most are not.

Author — Chris Clark