U.S. military had time for troops to take shelter before Iran missile attacks

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U.S. military had time for troops to take shelter before Iran missile attacks 4

Iran's supreme leader called his country's attack on Iraqi bases a "slap" in the face of America. Now, CBS News is learning more about the missiles and how U.S. forces knew they were coming. David Martin reports.

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Iran warn Iraq hours before striking US military targets to avoid loss of life even to the US soldiers.
US drone strike an Iranian commander in public area with high risk of collateral damage.
So who is the terrorist?

Author — Philip Ting


iran gives a warning to iraq government before launching the strike to avoid loss of lives
usa assassinates a general and not only kills him but also kills civilians, so who is the real terrorist..???

Author — Brian T


me watching an action movie about armies and attacks

10 seconds later:
*sees that it’s live*

Author — dumpling bob


CBS sounds mad because nobody was killed. Stage 4 TDS.

Author — First Last


Thank the Iraqi military for alerting our guys before the strike hit.

Author — Swolelord Nito


what if the iskander missile comes ???


Author — jhon kemot


I thought it was 22 they need to stop lying lol

Author — Tee Blacc


Well well the plot thickens. The movie gets more interesting.😌

Author — Lily Collins


Is the Ayatollah leading Biden & Sanders in Iowa, yet? 🤔

Author — Charles Hull


Media warfare n questions. TRUTH will prevail!

Author — Gerald Myers


Such a great warning system lol Iran themselves.

Author — Jeffrey Hinman


Had plenty of time after that get out order!

Author — Apryl’s Page


Of coarse they did, the strike was pentagon approved.

Author — Richard Morphies


How are you gonna call the leader of Iran supreme .
You could have reworded that.
But you the left media enjoy war .. If it was a democrat in office there would be war

Author — Love AndLight


Im switzerland man noobs im ready for ww3

Author — laurin amiet


Soon you will receive coffins from across the ocean, from the East, many coffins! Second Vietnam, only much worse for you

Author — Alex


Iran after YEAR 2000 don play 2 with iranian really I tell you even big country wil Ko

Author — pms pls son ssspm pms pls son ssspm


Wager America gets to sell Iran another 16 missiles

Author — Evil Otto


That when you use the old bunker buster on the missle site

Author — kyle


As you see NO WAR!! And iran learned (for now)!

Author — mkabalistic