Neil Tyson Demonstrates Absurdity of 'Flat Earth'

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0:00 - Introduction
0:48 - How Physics Conspires To Make Things Round
1:31 - The History Of Flat Earth
2:05 - Evidence For The Spherical Earth
4:05 - Eratosthenes's Experiment
5:40 - How We Can Observe The Spherical Earth Ourselves
6:41 - What The Rise Of Flat Earthers Means
7:15 - Sponsored by Brilliant
8:10 - Closing Notes

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I got kicked out of a Flat Earth Facebook group for asking if the social distancing rule pushed anyone over the edge yet.

Author — Huang Jun黄俊


Imagine how embarrassing it would be for our whole species if aliens came to Earth and found out that, even with as advanced as we’ve become, some humans still argue about the shape of their own planet

Author — Nathanjacob04


I wish I'd had science teachers like Neil

Author — MartaS


On behalf of the human race, I'm sorry that you had to waste your breath explaining the earth isn't flat

Author — Cameron Young


Neil deGrasse Tyson has a special ability to apply really blunt logic to illogical arguments. He is one of my all time favorite scientists I have so much respect for him.

Author — Nos 1


If the Earth was truly flat then the flat earthers would become round earthers.

Author — arealmench


He explains things amazingly. I wished he was my physic teacher in school.

Author — Master Brick


In Christopher Columbus's day, people knew the Earth was round. His error came from misjudging the size of the Earth, which is why he believed he had landed in India.

However, even if he knew the correct size, the American continents were wholly unknown, and it's easier to accept a distance error rather than an entire land mass error.

Author — Name


The flat earth conspiracy is the single biggest example of the saying:

Genius has its limits, but stupidity knows no bounds.

Author — Antony Duhamel


This is like a Harvard math professor explaining why 1+1 doesn’t equal 3 to a bunch of adults.

Author — InPhaseShelf825


I think one of the other issues is that we trust an influencer or a blogger more than a professional scientists. Happens on all subjects. We trust conspiracies over professionals. We are really not taught how to be critical thinkers.

Author — SimpleRonin


When the poorly educated truly believe their level of education is the summit... you get those who believe the earth is flat.

Author — Adelbert Huggins


Thank you for mentioning the deficiencies in education. Very important point that isn't discussed nearly enough

Author — Sean


I’ll put it like this. Served more than 10 years in the US Navy. None of the navigation officers, or the division members who were quartermasters on any ship were flat eathers. Served on 3 repaired dozens trained more so.

Author — Lord Cregan Stark


“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled”
-- Mark Twain

Author — Terry UniGeezer Peterson


"without that kind of training, you'd run around and believe anything". Yep. That's exactly where we are today where people think they know more than doctors

Author — AMW1able


In the book of Stephen Hawking, “Brief history of time” he also gave this statement that the shadow of Earth on Moon is always round.

Author — WM


Thank you, Neil.
You clearly explain what should be obvious.
I'm speechless that people don't believe the world is a sphere.

Author — Patrick Zamora


I had to ask a flat earth woman for a dance, but she said no because she refused to believe we were at a ball

Author — Mr Lee


The Greeks had a huge advantage- they didn’t have Facebook

Author — Dave Kerryvane