Neil Tyson Demonstrates Absurdity of 'Flat Earth'

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Neil Tyson Demonstrates Absurdity of 'Flat Earth' 4.5


Neil deGrasse Tyson, Chuck Nice

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💬 Comments on the video

This is like a Harvard math professor explaining why 1+1 doesn’t equal 3 to a bunch of adults.

Author — InPhaseShelf825


The ships disappearing in the horizon isn't because the earth is a sphere, it's obviously because the ship went out of render distance.

Author — Maheer Aymaan


"I don't understand your science, so therefore your science is wrong" -literally every flat earther ever

Author — Mr. Nuke


What's really depressing is that this video has 10k DISLIKES 🤦‍♂️

Author — Christian Ford-Marchelos


You made your first mistake which was assuming that flat earthers believe in gravity. you give them to much credit

Author — LecherousCthulhu


If the Earth was truly flat then the flat earthers would become round earthers.

Author — arealmench


Soon tourists can go to space... Send up some flat Earthers,
if they say the windows are fisheye windows.

Throw them out the airlock,

they can observe the globe on their way to burning up in the atmosphere.

Author — Mikey Jones


The earth Cant be flat ! Cats would have knocked everything off the edge if it was

Author — PhoenixKnight


Flat earthers: the sun rotates in a circle above us.
Me: what the f**k is a sunset then?

Author — David Croucher


But everyone knows, that the horizon is just your render distance!

Author — SomeRandomGuy :3


Telling a genius they’re wrong is hard, but telling a idiot they’re wrong is like telling a dog to drive

Author — hong hua


To paraphrase Hugh Laurie "If you could reason with flat earthers, there would be no flat earthers".

Author — Geddy lee Hammersley


"to argue with a professional is difficult, to argue with an imbecile is impossible"

Author — Ska


Pretty simple. If the earth was not sphere, Sextants could not be successfully used for navigation. In all of history.

Author — Jacques Grove


believing the earth is flat should be considered a mental illness

Author — yeehaw


The only thing flat earthers fear is sphere it self.

Author — MRtodd 8287


If anyone watches the flat earth special on Netflix. A group of flat earthers proved that the earth is round

Author — Peter Chestnut


The fact were even having this conversation in 2020 just amazes me, I’d rather debate with a dog on why it should be given treats whenever it wants

Author — Venkoku


I remember this flat earther leader saying: We have sympathizers all around the globe.

Author — Darth Revan


Hello person sorting through newest first! I too am searching for flat earthers embarrassing themselves in the comments. My faith in humanity has sunk to levels I never before thought possible.

Author — Smoogle 3G4C