Edge Pro Apex Clone In Action

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Just using my Edge Pro Apex Clone to sharpen a buddies knife that is super DULL

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Thank you for this review video!  I was browsing ebay for a used real edge pro because I can't afford a new one, saw the chinese knockoffs, and was wondering if they were good enough.  Apparently so!  I'm going to have to try one.  I even see 2nd and 3rd generation of the clones being sold.

Author — TheSchiddy


I just bought the edge pro clone for $22 US shipped. So far I love it but I have only sharpened 4 knives and 1 was BAD chipped.

Author — WildDigger


looks pretty nice, I've been wanting to get one but wasn't sure which clone to get. On ebay theres like 3-4 different ones, could you send me a link to the one you got? thanks

Author — NRXTM


Is that Ballistol you are using on the stone as well?

Author — cbond99


i finely got some guts up and ordered this edge pro copy, because its now selling for $40., along with some edge pro stones brings it to $70.still cheaper than edge pro!really hope this system will work for me! they say, 'it all looks good on paper'..

Author — Blane Biondolillo


I've bought the clone & then bought the edge pro stones. Saved myself a packet. Especially as the edge pro is a fortune here in the UK, I think we currently have 2 retailers of the system. It was even cheap for me to ship the stones from the US than to purchase them here, tax included. I've also bought a 12k & 15k Welsh slate set that a man on eBay makes which fit the system. Highly recommend. All I need to do now is find someone who can make a strop for the system.

Author — MaybuTron


That clone jig looks good. But using any left to right movement only gives different angles across the edge. If you sharpened a large chef knife your edge angles would be off by many degrees from heel to tip. I guess the only way to have a constant edge would be to only use straight back and forth strokes, and re position the knife an inch at at time from heel to tip. But even then the tip would be off a tiny bit.  

Author — Isreal Rodriguez (Izzy)