The Story of Electricity Full Episode

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The Story of Electricity Full Episode 4

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its good to see im not the only one that falls asleep with documentaries playing on youtube!

Author — Kayboku


Ahh yes, I see you've reached the Fah Fah Fah Fah Fah Fah Fah Fah Fah part of the documentary and now wished to read the comments

How's your nap by the way?
If not, you are doing well though

Hope you have learned something, it is an amazing documentary

Author — Apolosa Cakau


I always thought I was wierd falling asleep to Docs... idk, but I think I love all of you guys..


Author — sean auclair


woke up and thought there was a duck in my room

Author — Lane Goode


Have you considered reuploading this without an hour and twenty minutes of, "fi, fi, fi, fi..."?

Author — Huey Iroquois


Woke up in the middle of the night, thinking my Macbook had gone on to the next world.

Author — mrloop


This has sat here for 3.5 years with the entire 2nd half being broken? Weird.

Author — Geoff Allan


1:39:57 when you've watched all the videos and reached the end of YouTube.

Author — Dirk Diggler


What the?? How does it end? Did we get AC electricity or not???

Author — ...x


Farraday is greatly looked upon in the automotive electrical field

Author — Danie Dailey


I guess I fell asleep watching youtube and woke up to these weird ass sounds thought it was my fan then I realized I didn’t have a fan creepy.

Author — Ben Dover


What in The Happpeeend to This Videeeeooo??!!

Author — lucki4mac


scared the living daylights out of me when I woke up in the middle of the night to that sound. I'd carefully turned off autoplay and got trolled by this. Good work, well played.

Author — Liz Samson


@5:13 and that's how the elder scrolls conjuration magic came into being, and i mean literally... all myths and legends came from real life phenomena plus exaggeration plus imagination... you dug out t-Rex -there's your dragon, you see Lydon jar or sth similar, that's your magic and so on... i remember not so long ago when i was a kid, before cell phones and internet, the world was still pretty much full of superstitions and all kinds of believing in monsters, loch ness, yeti, aliens and stuff, and people really believed in that crap, including me (well i was a kid) but since camera phone came into existence, the aliens stopped visiting us, monsters died and yeti was extinct along with mammoths and saber tooth cat and stuff... aaah, ignorance truly can be a bliss

Author — al birdie


Thomas Edison was the Steve Jobbs of his time, they didn't invent a damn thing, they just profited from the ones that worked under them.

Author — Steven Boykin


I guess the fok fok fok, is tesla alternating back & forth in his grave lol, too bad! a great doc

Author — stephen loveys


i didn't know cavendish had an o-scope at his disposal.... ;)

Author — John Riley


I thought my phone was done for. I fell asleep and woke up to my phone overheating and the sound of what I thought was my phone malfunctioning but it's just the video lol

Author — CrunchyLeather


I'm getting myself a FAWK alarm, it works great :D

Author — Tim Jamers


I was wondering how anyone was able to record almost 3 hours of video on elec...fawk fawk fawk fawk

Author — BytesLivesMatter