The Kiffness x Ognjen & Sinisa - Insomnia (Balkan Club Remix) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Lyrics (in Serbian):

Ja više nikada neću da spavam
jer kada spavam ja gluposti sanjam
krvna slika mi je lošija
i zato, živela insomnia

U gradu provodim noći i dane
moj mesec ima dve tamne strane
I osećam se još umornija
i zato, živela insomnia

Hajde, zovi me noćas u tri, insomnia
ja više ne spavam ni iz hobija
Zovi me noćas u pet, insomnia
insomnia i ti i ja

Lyrics (in English):

I'll never sleep again
because when I sleep, I have silly dreams
and my bloodpressure is getting worse
so long live insomnia!

I spend my nights and days in the city
my moon has two dark sides
and I feel even more tired
so long live insomnia!

Come on, call me tonight at 3am, insomnia
I'm not even sleeping as a hobby anymore
call me tonight at 5am, insomnia
insomnia, you and I

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💬 Comments

Kiffness, on behalf of all Slavs, we accept you as one of our own!

Author — Nikolay Todorov


Kiffness za počasnog konzula Srbije u Africi. 🙂❤ God Bless you Kiffness and your family. Serbs love you. ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

Author — ŠAPTAČ DUŠE - Tarot Citanje


Pozdrav od Rosije braće Srbi i sestre Srbkinje. Volimo vaš kraj, kulturu i najviše narod.

Author — Roman Tha


This one would be a hit at Eurovision!

Author — Franco Morganti


After listening to this on repeat last night, I woke up with a full Adidas track suit on some how... I have never owned one...

Author — Erik


Bravo za dečke a naravno i za mog frenda Kiffnessa. ❤️ 🇭🇷🇷🇸🇧🇦🇸🇪

Author — crotvde


Dude, I'm listening this one like 10 (thousand) times in loop and still wanting more.
I thank both you and these two guys. I think I'll learn this language only to try and sing my own version of it, over your music obviously.
I also found here one of the most poetic sentences ever: moj mesec ima dve tamne strane / my moon has two dark sides / my maan het twee donker kante.
Keep the good fight up!!!

Author — Francesco Amodeo


Пацаны молодцы!!! Побольше бы таких людей, которые поют на родных языках! )

Author — Серега Марс


Я прослушал этот микс уже 100 раз и хочется еще! Не знаю что, но что-то в этих звуках трогает струны моей души.

Author — kapi0n


Song from Serbian witch, sang by two Bosnians chads and remixed by South African musician
Love it

Author — Kombat Serbia


Sir Kiffness, we, balkans, are always i some conflicts...but here, for 3 minutes and 55 united us all ❤

Author — JutKip


kurwa ale swietnie ci chlopaki spiewaja (rezonanc w glosach), i Kiffness geniuszem na remixach

Author — C S


This makes me so proud to be Bosnian. Even though I'm actually Austrian.

Author — Philip Jaime Alcazar


And I thought this masterpiece couldn’t get any better, there the famous German Techno Viking appears to gives his blessing! Someone pinch me, am I dreaming? Perfect music! I feel so many great feelings at the same time. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Author — MultiPopelnase


Greetings from Poland! This is soooo goood! Hope to visit Balkans. I love the harmony of your voices❤

Author — Monika K


I have this song in my head all night and all day! Brilliant! Good Balkanian vibes! Greetings from Poland! Slava braći Slovenima!

Author — Kristoff


Im sad to hear that situacion in Bosnia&Herzegovina is tense again. We Slavs are all similar and should stay united and grow strong. Beyond politics and their games.

Author — Janusz Alvarez


This guy Kiffness can turn any rythm to a hit song. He has so much potential

Author — P. J.


Energia cósmica! Saudações do Brazil!

Author — Vilson Wylot


Pozdrav iz Srbije ovaj remix je predivan i slusam ga svaki dan.

Author — MikriX