Trump says Iran appears to be 'standing down' after retalitatory attacks

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Trump says Iran appears to be 'standing down' after retalitatory attacks 4

President Trump addressed the nation after Iran's retaliatory strikes against two bases in Iraq that house U.S. troops. He said there were no casualties. CBS News political correspondent Ed O'Keefe and Yahoo News White House correspondent Hunter Walker joined CBSN to break down the latest in Washington.

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Interesting that we got advanced warning on Iran's missiles and that it struck nothing of real consequence.

Author — Noneya Bizz


More people died in the dudes funeral then the missle strike🤣🤣

Author — xxxachoozuezcoc


This isn't over they aren't the type of people to say OK we good now

Author — Jessie Fayne


They’re gonna just wait till we don’t expect it...Snakes in the grass

Author — Adam James


Why does the media talk so tough like they have all the answers and know everything? And then dictate what needs to be answered.

Author — Europa Europa


Trump:they seem to be backing down

Author — koriyah N Mommy


Ok, this report seams unbiased. Good job cbsn.

Author — Machines and Things


20 missiles and no casualties so funny 😆

Author — U/k 123


"Lol they keep attacking us... Trump is going to start the war still"

The average comment on here. Can you imagine being that stupid?

Author — StrykerV8


I'm pretty sure if they want war, we'll bring it to them.

Okay so people are saying to not underestimate Iran and its cause a ruckus. When you look at our military, we spend billions of dollars on equipment. I'm not hoping for a war, but I'm pretty sure the U.S would make Iran surrender

Author — Remedies Shadow


In other news... Two meth heads are fighting down the street over a crumb..

Author — R. Harris


Donald "I killed their general to avoid a war" Trump

Author — Jordan Grey


mmm this smells like a bull trap. IRan not turning over the BA 737 max smells real fishy.

Author — Small Spread Master


Can't even read with confidence. He knows how to stick to the script when he knows he has MESSED UP! I really wanted to say something else, but I will refrain and practice self-control. 🤨

Author — Laverne Ferguson


Even if they both stand down I feel like this encourages people to join terror groups

Author — Axel Mendoza


LOL, ...that was obviously just a political move on their part.

Author — boh7em


U.S: one missile 20 casualties.
Iran: twenty missiles 0 casualties.

Author — Full Throttle


Why can’t we fight for better housing and a better school system and a better living for citizens smh

Author — dess sweets


Democratic’s love terrorist’s, if only they could vote democratic 🤣

Author — Colt1968 95


Remember when Iran shot down their own plane

Author — Jimbo